Banking for Individuals and Businesses Simplified – A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started

Selecting the right bank for your personal and business needs is a critical decision. There are many banks which offer a range of consumer, as well as business products, to their customers. Gustavo Dolfino, an investment banker by trade said- “it’s important that you choose carefully, as every product is different, and every bank is different. What matters most, is the type of relationship you are able to develop with the bank in the long run.”

Interest rates.

A small difference in interest rates can add up to a lot of money over time, regardless of which type of loan you are in the market for – auto, mortgage, and payroll to personal credit cards. Don’t fall for the “skip a payment this month” trick. What actually happens in the month you skip a payment, is the outstanding amount gets compounded, and so does the interest amount you end up paying. It will add up in the long run.  Avoid excessive debt at all costs; servicing that debt is one of the main reasons people file for bankruptcy.

Electronic services

Know what services and operations can be done through online banking, if there is a charge associated with them, and what level of sophistication they entail. Ideally, this service should be an essential part of your relationship, should not cost extra, and should be available to you 24/7.

Trust and Security

Even though US banks are insured by the FDIC, this federal form of insurance is capped at 250K per account, and applies only to non-interest bearing accounts. In addition, you should note the credit quality of the bank, as well as its stock price, should it be publicly traded. Assuming the bank offers a debit or credit card, you should investigate their policy regarding fraud, and your liability should it occur.

Commissions and fees

You should check what fees and/or commissions, if any, apply to the use of the bank’s debit or credit cards, when those fees apply, for example, by using a non-bank ATM, or when used in a foreign country. Do not ignore in your analysis, charges for wire transfers, checks, minimum balance or insufficient funds fees.

Loyalty points

This is an aspect that can be misleading and should be treated with caution. Not all purchases will earn you loyalty points; should they, verify when, where and how they can be used, including blackout periods.

Immigration Detention Rights

Did you know that immigrants from a range of countries all over the world make up just below 15 percent of the UK’s population? That’s about 9.4 million people. Of those, around 30,000 are put into immigration detention every year. And this doesn’t just happen to people who are in the UK illegally, but also to people who are here perfectly legally. That’s why it’s important for those people and their families to understand their legal rights.

What is immigration detention?

Most immigration detention centres are quite traumatic, and not very pleasant places to be. This is just one reason why it is important for you to understand what your rights as an immigrant are, and how to exercise them if you need to.

Immigration detention is a UK government policy stating that anyone who doesn’t possess leave to remain in the UK or whose leave has expired, must be detained in a secure facility. You might be surprised to learn that at present, there isn’t a time limit on how long adults in this position can be held in detention. Depending on the circumstances, if you have no right to remain in the UK, the government can legally detain you indefinitely. The only people this doesn’t apply to is pregnant women, who can only be detained for up to 72 hours in most cases.

Also, by law in place from 2011, no child should ever be detained. However, last year nearly 50 children were illegally held in centres. If you know that a child is being held illegally, you must contact an immigration solicitor immediately.

What can you be detained for and when can it happen?

Having no right to remain in the UK means that technically, you can be put into a detention centre at any time. There are also a range of reasons for which you might be detained under immigration laws, however some are much more common than others. According to Manchester immigration advisers, the below are the most common times and reasons people in the UK get put into immigration detention:

  • Upon first entry to the UK
  • When reporting to the Home Office in their regular appointment
  • After attempting to claim asylum, being refused and having exhausted all appeal rights
  • If the person has no immigration status or applications pending and has been picked up by an immigration enforcement agent
  • If the Home Office has decided to reject your asylum claim because you have already been given humanitarian protection by another country

People can also be picked up at home, during immigration raids on businesses, and stop-and-searches in public spaces like bus and train stations. It’s not very comforting to think that, and this could change but at present it’s legal, so knowing your rights is really beneficial. Last year, 56 percent of those people detained under immigration laws were allowed to resume their position in society with no further action being taken, so although being put into detention isn’t at all pleasant, it also doesn’t always mean a person is going to be deported.

Detainees’ rights

Knowing your legal rights whilst in immigration detention is really important, and exercising these rights can help to make you feel less powerless and lonely. Unless a detainee has committed a crime, they have the below rights:

  • Access to legal advice
  • Access to any medication they usually take
  • Access to religious support no matter what religion they practice
  • To have visits from friends and family, as long as they follow the correct protocol
  • Access to appropriate medical care and the right to complain if they feel that this is not happening
  • To apply for bail if they’ve been in the UK for more than eight days
  • To obtain a ‘financial condition supporter’ in order to help strengthen their bail application
  • To view their bail hearing if it is granted (usually watched via a video link)

Exercising their rights

If the person in detention is able to hire an immigration lawyer, they should do this as quickly as possible. It’s a good idea for anyone who might be at risk of being put in detention to do this anyway, so if they do get detained they are already prepared.

Keeping a physical copy of their solicitor’s contact details as well as their doctor’s details is a good idea, so if their mobile phone gets taken away from them as they enter the detention centre they still have support who they can contact. Family or friends can hold these kinds of details for you and contact the relevant people on your behalf should you not be able to.

Visitor and healthcare rights

Being detained can be very isolating, but visits from family, friends and support groups can be really helpful. Visitors will be required to follow strict protocol, such as giving enough pre-warning for a visit, co-operating with staff and following centre rules.

Immigration detention doctors are required by law to report cases of ill health to the Home Office, but unfortunately this is frequently not done or not done properly. If you think this is the case for a family member or friend, you should contact a solicitor urgently. If you need immigration advice, AWH Solicitors in Manchester can offer help and support for anyone in England or Wales.

Will You Find a Former Co-Worker?

Over the years, there is a good chance you will end up working with a sizable number of people. As such, chances are you will lose touch with some or even many of them over time as people come and go.

That said more people seem to be on the move these days.

Back in the day, more individuals stayed with one employer for a longer period of time often. With today’s hustle and bustle, it is not uncommon for individuals to be at a company a few years and then go elsewhere.

As a result of such moving around, you may lose track of some former co-workers you had a good relationship with. If so, do you wonder where they are now?

If you are wondering where they’ve gotten to, how will you go about finding them?

Internet is Good Starting Place

In your efforts to track down one or more former co-workers, keep these pointers in mind:

  1. Internet – Given all the info that is out there on the Internet, you could move ahead with a free people search. When you have one’s full name and any other pertinent details enter it into an online search. Doing this could move you closer to finding where they got to. You may end up being able to locate where they moved to and even where they are employed today. Along with such search websites, also give social networking a shot. Many people end up on sites like Facebook, Twitter and more. As such, they can be easy to locate. If you do find them for instance on Facebook, send them a friend request if possible. You could be delighted to find them accepting such a request sooner than later. With all the Internet has to offer, there is a good chance you will be able to find those you are searching for.
  2. Word-of-mouth – Are you friends with some former co-workers? Do they also know one or more people you are looking for? They may have stayed in touch with the person or persons over time. As a result, they can lead you to them. If you left a company and are still in contact with people there, they may tell you what happened to one or more folks. This is after you left.
  3. Media – Last, if you know the area where the person last lived, check out local media sources. Along with those online, look to newspapers and other such outlets. Your former co-worker may be active in their local community. As such, they may end up in the press on occasion. This would be another means of finding out if they still live locally even if you moved away a while back.

In tracking down former co-workers, be cautious with which personal info you divulge. This is information to others in trying to find someone.

You never want to give out your home address or phone number.

As you keep a safe neighborhood at home, do not give out your personal info to the point someone may be checking you out.

If you have some fond memories working with people and wonder where they got to, are you ready to begin your search?

Best Skills to Learn When You Have Tons of Free Time

Most of us are carried away by the hustling bustling schedule of our daily lives which is swamped with major priorities that we hardly get some time to spare for other things. You may have a 9-hour work shift, two-hour long commute, and then all you are thinking about is getting in your pajamas only to binge your favorite series on Netflix. Life is pretty much the same for most of us and it can be increasingly difficult to do anything else in the world.

Weeks and days pass by, and you are craving for some free time in order to do something more in your life. While it is important that you utilize a break from the daily grind to relax and muster up your energy, you still may want to pursue all of your other interests which you have listed in your bucket list. It is important that you make a list of things which you want to learn in life. Having acquired a set of skills that are diverse in nature can benefit you in many ways. It could offer you an escape from the whole typical routine and it is actually pretty fascinating to know something many people would not normally know.

So, if you have some free time on your hands, here are the things you should learn:

Coding – In today’s digitally accelerated world, coding is in huge demand. It is an ever-green skill which would continue to pay off as long as the internet exists in the world. Coding is why Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook. It is also why many people have made successful freelance careers, forever escaping the nine to five capsule of work life. Coding can allow you to do a great number of things you could not imagine, like making a site, blog, software, mobile application, etc.

Artificial Intelligence – It may sound like acquiring expertise in AI is a far-fetched thing. But the parameters are exceeding the limits of college and thanks to the internet, you can learn AI from the comfort of your home. Sign up with School of AI as it offers full-fledged education for free! Led by Siraj Raval, who’s a pioneer in the field and is popularly known as a Data Scientist, Author, YouTubers, and AI expert from the United States. He has amassed over 500,000 followers on YouTube with his videos exceeding 11 million in views. His reach has extended from Elon Musk to Google. Siraj has also spoken at global platforms like CERN, the United Nations, and data science conferences in different parts of the world.

Making a perfect drink – James Bond in Casino Royale ordered a dry martini with 2 oz. of Gin, 1 oz. of Vodka, ½ oz. of Kina Lillet, shaken, with ice, and a thin slice of lemon peel. You can also mix different spirits and make your signature drink! Try it out and let your friends be amazed by your creative knowledge.

Advantages of using a convex mirror for safety

Good visibility is one of the central tenets of safety. You have to be able to see the incoming danger in order to prevent it. You might have encountered a situation in which you wish you had a broad view of your surroundings to better navigate while walking or driving. This is where convex mirrors come in. One of their many uses includes being a helping hand in parking, driving, and other road activities. However, the advantages of these mirrors don’t stop at road safety

1. Safer warehouse navigation

Warehouses are very dynamic environments. You can have several workers and moving pieces of machinery on the floor at one time and they are all trying not to bump into each other. Forklifts are notoriously dangerous pieces of equipment that are very much able to harm workers. The driver has to focus on dozens of different things all around him while maneuvering a very heavy load with his machine.

Sometimes it can be difficult for them to keep their situational awareness up. Forklifts and cranes can have blind spots and these can prove to be dangerous for workers on the work floor. If you position some convex ceiling domes and vertical mirrors around difficult corners, it could make it easier for them to get a full grasp of their surroundings.

2. Much easier parking

A lot of people take parking for granted until they get caught in a bad spot. If you have a parking space at work where you park regularly, you’re going to fall out of practice when it comes to more difficult situations. Every once in a while, you’re going to get stuck in a busy street with some very tight parking. If you have to parallel park under pressure, it’s going to lead to a lot of struggling and you can risk damage to your vehicle.

Nobody likes to parallel park in a tight spot, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Rear-view mirrors just aren’t up to the task of giving you a proper view behind the car. Some parking spaces have these curved mirrors that allow you to see just about every angle around your car and they can be a huge boon in difficult parking situations. With this kind of helping hand, you’ll find it much easier to position your vehicle in a hurry.

3. Improved store security

Working in retail can teach you a lot of things about human nature. Unfortunately, you’re more likely to get well-acquainted with the bad parts if your job involves working in sales. People tend to steal from retail shops and department stores, which is why some of them are equipped with specific security measures to mitigate this.

Often, store security doesn’t actually have the authority to stop a shoplifter. All you can do is call the police and hope that they are able to reclaim the item after some time. The best way to stop excessive shoplifting is by placing deterrents. Mirrors allow you to have an extremely good view of your entire store. This will dissuade even the most persistent shoplifters. Feeling like all eyes are on you can make anyone paranoid.

4. Better driving conditions

Big cities can have pretty hectic parking and streets. Planners might have had driving in mind when designing roads, but sometimes corners are cut and you end up with actual corners that are very difficult to navigate. Keep in mind that even if you’re careful behind the wheel, other people might not be. If you’re trying to enter a street from a bad angle, who knows what could be waiting for you on the other side. Luckily, street planners have already increased the usage of convex mirrors for safety on the road.

You might have noticed them on very narrow or one-way streets. They make it a lot easier to enter a busy lane from the side. You don’t have to worry about reckless drivers because you have a full view of the lane to your side.

5. Keep your kids in sight at all times

A lot of parents are pretty hesitant when it comes to monitoring their kids. We’ve all heard of helicopter parents that refuse to leave their kids alone for longer than a second. Nobody wants to be overly protective of their children, especially in situations where they’re playing and socializing with others. Unfortunately, the world is still a pretty dangerous place for children and they aren’t yet capable of understanding the various hazards that surround them. If they tend to play in the driveway or on the road, you shouldn’t expect them to be too careful.

Luckily, there are a couple of inconspicuous solutions you can try. If you position a convex mirror just right, it can let you have a broad view of the area where your kids are playing. This way, you could sit on your front porch and watch them from afar, without giving off an overly protective vibe.

It’s even better for use if you have a swimming pool because you can use the mirror as a way to check in on them from your home or backyard.


There are a lot of ways to increase your visibility in tight spots, but convex mirrors have proven to be the most economical and efficient options. You get a very broad view of anything that is reflected and you can confidently navigate through any dangerous situation. Injuries and crashes are drastically reduced with the proper application of these mirrors.

The Three Questions You’ll Ask Before Taking a Property and Casualty Insurance Exam

Property and casualty insurance are two of the largest insurance sectors in existence. As such, they offer a wide range of related jobs that can provide excellent living. Plenty of these jobs require state certifications and licenses. Getting those licenses might put you on the path to a property and casualty insurance exam. If you’re thinking seriously about this path, you need to look into prep courses. Before you go that far, though, these three, common questions might help you better understand what lies ahead.

What’s in the Test?

Every state handles its own insurance licensing. Because of that, the answer to most questions will vary by state. This is no exception. The exact content of the exam will be tailored for state laws and regulations. That said, any exam can usually be broken into two sections, each consisting of eight parts.

The first part covers property insurance and includes insurance regulation, general knowledge, property insurance, dwellings, homeowners, commercial policy, business owners and other policies.

The second part focuses on casualty insurance and can be split into insurance regulation, general insurance, casualty insurance, homeowners, auto, commercial policy, business owners and other.

A proper prep course should handle all 16 topics.

Where Do You Take the Test?

Again, each state sets its own rules. For the majority of states, you can expect the licensing exam to take place at an official facility and professionally proctored. California, for example, has a licensing bureau that handles the entire testing process. You can schedule your appointment online (they will check your prerequisites). On the day of the exam, you will arrive at an official testing site and go from there.

Some states may outsource the examination to proctor groups. Because of the diversity of testing environments, it’s always best to double check with the specific exam administrators to ensure you are prepared for any specific rules that may be in play.

Do You Really Need a Prep Course?

Many states require you to complete the prep course before you are eligible to take an exam. Even when that isn’t the case, a prep course is the best resource to ensure you have covered all of the important material. It will also serve as a failsafe to keep your I’s dotted and T’s crossed. The licensing procedure includes plenty of paperwork and administrative filing. Your prep course can protect you from unintended clerical errors that might hinder the process.

Any state licensing program can feel more complicated than it really is. The key is to into a program with seasoned veterans. They can fully prepare you for your property and casualty insurance exam and get you on the path to your new career.



How to Spread into Global Markets

Biggest goal of any business is to go global. Going global comes with a lot of benefits. However most business owners are afraid to spread into international markets, because there is no one way, one strategy that can be applied for all companies and would work the same for all. That means there’s a lot of strategy creation involved.

Market entry is the term you’re going to get familiar with if you’re planning to go abroad. It’s the process of adapting, transforming your product or service to a different, foreign market. There are a lot of plans and strategies to do so, but you will always need to adapt a known strategy to your own situation, because every company is different.

There are such market entry strategies as:

  1. Direct exporting is direct selling into the different market you’ve chosen. It is crucial to choose the right sales agents, because they represent your company abroad.
  2. Licensing is the term of giving the rights to your product to another company. It is best to chose this strategy, if the partner you chose has a large part in the market you’re about to enter and a wide audience it’s already reaching.
  3. Franchising is quick market expansion. If your company’s business model is quite versatile – this is the strategy for you. This strategy can only work if your brand is unique and known.
  4. Partnering is often fundamental in the process of market entry. In Asia partnering is mandatory. If you’re entering the market of a country that has completely different social culture, traditions, business, this is the best strategy to enter a market.
  5. Piggybacking is a considerably cheap strategy. You first need to find companies, that are already in foreign markets. Then you have to persuade them to add your product or service to their assortment. If they accept your offer, you will enter foreign markets.
  6. Joint Ventures strategy is when two firms agree to work together in a distinct market and create a third company to undertake this.
  7. Buying a Company is useful when you have a big budget. You enter the foreign market by buying a local company. It is very expensive, but local people, government will perceive you as a local company from the start.

These are only some strategies of how to enter a foreign market. For more information or help visit https://pointoneintl.com/ .

5 Things That Small Businesses Can Do To Improve The Health Of Employees

When it comes to caring for employee wellness, a lot of companies tend to focus the majority of their efforts on employees who are unwell or have long-term health issues. Whilst this is definitely money well spent, it is just as important to support the health of your other employees. On average, around 55% of a business’ workforce are “at risk” and are living with health risks, either from bad diets, smoking, drinking or not doing enough exercise. This can have an effect on their health and productivity.

As well as these obvious risks, a lot of employees are affected by health issues which are less visible. Stress, financial worries and mental health issues are also serious things to consider. So, if you have a small business and want to help improve the health of your employees, then here are some things to help you get started.


Flexible Working Options

Employees have commitments outside of work and juggling a balance or work and home life can be incredibly difficult, especially for parents or those who care for others. By offering flexible working options, you can help to significantly reduce stress levels and make your employees feel far more comfortable when it comes to prioritising their work and home life.


Provide Private Health Insurance

A lot of employees tend to put off health issues due to not being able to afford the treatment needed. Dental, physio and mental health concerns can often be costly to treat, so by offering a private health insurance option, your employees have cover should they ever need it. This, in turn, reduces stress and financial worries on your employee’s behalf, and you know that you are there to support them when you can.


Build A Culture Of Wellbeing

Putting a wellbeing strategy in place will help employees to address all of the traditional nutritional and physical issues that are associated with poor health. Gym discounts, for example, may encourage employees to take part in regular exercise and provide, whereas having regular team-building sessions will boost morale and workplace friendships. Having confortable office furnishing and handmade furniture and break rooms will also help staff feel much more comfortable in the office.


Nurture Emerging Leaders

People who are natural leaders and managers rarely ever emerge on their own. Previous evidence has shown that when these employees are supported within their work environment they will realise their true talent and potential. Whilst it is important to not show any favouritism, as an employer you must be able to recognise these employees when you can and offer them guidance. When these employees are not recognised, they feel undervalued and underappreciated, leading to poor motivation and productivity.


Support Nutritional Health

Nutritional health is extremely important in the workplace. Whilst it is vital for employers to provide a safe and healthy place of work, it is also important to encourage healthy lifestyles. Eating healthily not only provides your body with the right vitamins and nutrients which it needs to function, but it also helps to keep your mind focused as your blood sugar levels naturally fluctuate throughout the day and if your a VW Specialist or another technical area, staying sharp is key. Relaying the importance of eating healthily to your employees should be high on your list, but you can also recommend digestive health supplements and probiotic tablets as well.

Does Your Business Need a Website?

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you want to grow your brand. And if that is the case then you will probably have already considered investing in a website for your business. However, you may have also disregarded having your own website in the same breathe.


So, with that in mind, here are all of the reasons that you may or may not need a website for your business. Hint: there’s a lot more yes than no in this article.



The reasons for yes, you should have a website in 2018 are many. But, for simplicity’s sake, here are a few of the more important ones:



  • It’s What Customers Want


In the age of the internet, your customers expect you to have a website. It’s a simple and unavoidable fact. In 2019, people will likely want to find out more about your business before taking the plunge and converting. If you do not have a business website this can immediately be a red flag in their minds, as it removes the certainty that you are a reputable business.

The only way you could avoid this, for example, would be if you were selling products on a trusted third party website (like Amazon and eBay). Users trust the site and so you don’t necessarily need to instil your own trust factors into this.



  • A Business Narrative


Having your own website gives your business the ability to do something very special: control its own narrative. The more control you have over your own story and ultimately the message you portray to potential customers. It’s much more in-depth than having a simple Facebook, Instagram or whatever page. You can write more, even visualise your brand story if you prefer.



  • Drives New Revenue


Have you ever considered the fact that a website can drive more money into your business? No, well it certainly can. In fact, for some businesses, the most revenue comes through the web.

The more you build your website, the more revenue it can provide for your business. So, for that reason, it is very important you work towards improving your online revenue. Even if you only do so gradually, over time it can easily become the biggest source of income for your business on the whole.



  • Your Competitors Have One


It’s true, most of your competitors (to be classed as such) probably have a website. Unless you are in the most unexposed niche business in the world, then having a presence online in some form is likely needed to be considered a competitor. Whether you are a what’s on in Manchester publication or something as simple as a barber, you probably need a website. So, don’t be afraid to get one.



  • 24-7 Access


Having a physical store is all well and good, but it has opening and closing times. You and your business are not accessible at all times. Which, sometimes, is exactly what you need to be in order to be successful. Giving customers a website to find you can remove pesky obstacles like opening times and social convention, as they can visit it at any time of day to suit their needs.

A website gives your business an open day for customers, no matter the time of day. Which is exactly what can set you apart and ensure your gain their custom. Being accessible is a vital part of a business in 2019, so don’t overlook it.



There’s no reason for your business to have a website. No matter how big/small it is, where it is located or even what language you speak. There is no real excuse for not having a website as a business in 2019. Especially as, all things said and done, it is so easy to create – even if you have no website or coding knowledge! There are plenty of website builders available on the internet to help you along the way and with the right security management system protecting your information, it worthwhile to help with recording data.


Final Thoughts

As a business functioning in 2019, whether you like it or not, you will almost definitely need your own website. And it’s not hard to achieve, even on a small budget! So, get building today and reap the rewards of your very own business website tomorrow.

Looking to Scale your Start-up? The Daily Wot Might be a Good Model to Emulate

The DailyWot is an online media destination site that provides its visitors with access to the latest trending and viral content from around the web. After being launched just a few years ago, the site now has tens of thousands of users from all over the world. What’s most interesting about it, however, is the way the business operates. This might be something that online entrepreneurs can learn from.

A global, distributed team

The company’s activity can be divided into a few different segments. On the one hand, it’s a content destination site, so it needs to source high-quality content and upload this for distribution to the site’s visitors. It manages to churn out massive amounts of fresh materials through a distributed, online team of content creators. These content creators have access to an online dashboard for uploading and publishing the content. All of it goes through editorial review before being released, to ensure that each article meets the DailyWot’s high standards.

All of the content creators work remotely on a freelance basis, so there are no overheads for running the core of the business – original, unique content creation. This works well for the freelances because they can work when and where they want to. It works well for the company because it keeps costs down and provides the management with content on demand.

On the other hand, the company is engaged in online media buying. This is the process of driving traffic (i.e. visitors) to the website. This media buying activity is 100% handled by a team of dedicated media buyers. These media buyers are also located in different parts around the globe and all work remotely. They are responsible for finding good traffic sources, sending traffic to the DailyWot, and then optimizing the traffic and the costs to ensure that it’s profitable for the business.

Finally, the business relies on selling advertising space so that its audience can be monetized. It seems to work primarily with cost-per-action (CPA) advertisers, meaning the DailyWot receives commissions whenever one of its visitors goes on to take a specific action, as defined by the advertiser. For example, the user may be required to register for a specific program, download a mobile application, or make a purchase. Whenever the defined action occurs, the Daily Wot generates revenue.             

The operating model of the future?

Traditional media companies have long operated in a way that looks very different from the DailyWot’s operating model. However, it would appear that this new model is potentially a better fit for online media companies in an era when online media is getting increasingly difficult to monetize. Because the Daily Wot is able to keep its costs down, by avoiding expensive overheads (offices) and tapping into a global pool of talent, it has a massive edge over traditional companies operating in the media space.

As more and more people around the world get comfortable with the idea of remote work, it looks like there will be more opportunities for early-stage companies to build remote organizations that have a global reach from very early on. The DailyWot’s agile, distributed model seems like something that more entrepreneurs should consider emulating.

Ecotourism in Florida: 4 Parks to Relax and Have a Picnic

Florida is famous for its biodiversity. It consists of two climatic zones: subtropics and tropics. The local climate contributes to the development of a multiple representatives of flora and fauna. Therefore, the fans of nature and outdoor recreation will be able to enjoy the rich variety of the wildlife of the Sunshine State.

Are you among them? Then with the help of AVIS Florida you will find many parks and gardens that will acquaint you with the natural beauty of this amazing destination…

Amelia Earhart Park

Amelia Island Lighthouse

(photo by Brian Menges)

Located north of Hialeah, Amelia Earhart Park is a great place for family fun. On its 208.5 hectares of land you will find a variety of entertainment and activities both for children and adults. Amelia Earhart Park is one of the oldest parks of Miami – it was created in 1926, and has been a real historical heritage. In the fall of 1947, it was named after the legendary aviator Amelia Earhart, whose plane disappeared without a trace in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in 1937.

Amelia Earhart Park offers its visitors a specially created 13-kilometers-long cycling route with a number of ups, downs, slopes and angles. Bikes can be rented during the whole working time of the park, and trails are divided for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. In addition, you can take advantage of other offers and amenities of the park. Also, your children and you will get a lot of pleasure by visiting a local farming village.

Address: 401 E 65th St, Hialeah, FL


Bayfront Park

021912_Miami-Bayfront Park (Manmade beach) 02

Bayfront Park is one of the best public, urban parks in downtown Miami, Florida. Occupying the territory of 13 hectares, its eastern part is located directly on the coast of Biscayne Bay. In the north, it’s bordered by the American Airlines Arena and the Bayside Marketplace, in the south by Chopin Plaza, and its western part is adjacent to Biscayne Boulevard.

As can be seen, its location allows you to always be in the center of all the events of the city, and it’s not surprising that Bayfront Park is the main venue for many major performances.

Bayfront Park is an ideal place for cultural and social development and moral recovery. Here you can take a boat tour around Biscayne Bay, during which you will learn a lot of information and interesting facts about Miami as a whole and its individual sights.

Enjoy a stroll along the well-kept embankment of Biscayne Bay, offering stunning views of the city, port and yachts. Visitors to the park can also watch the passage of ships from around the world into the harbor under the drawbridge. After an entertaining stroll or excursion, you can eat at one of the local cafes or restaurants located in the park.

On weekends, yoga classes are held in Bayfront Park, so if you are a fan of this type of culture, don’t forget to bring a mat.

Address: 301 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL


Bill Sadowski Park

Ficus citrifolia

(photo by Kyle Wicomb)

Today it’s hard to imagine that in such a tense rush of South Florida there are still quiet, calm corners of nature, where you can have a great time alone, with friends or with your family. One of these places is Bill Sadowski Park, located half a mile away from the Old Cutler Road. Despite its small size, the park area is just over 12 hectare – it’s a real natural center, inhabited by many species of plants, animals and birds.

During a tour of the territory of Bill Sadowski Park, you can take a walk along nature trails, while exploring and getting to know its local inhabitants. The local arboretum and freshwater aquarium with the volume of more than 3,000 liters is truly impressive.

Only at Bill Sadowski Park and Nature Center you can see the remains of strange geological formations that in other such important natural areas as Coral Gables and Pinecrest were destroyed or buried long ago under the grassy lawn.

The park offers guests specially equipped picnic areas, chairs, grill and barbecue areas, and toilets. Children can have fun on the modern playground. The observatories of an astronomical society located on the territory of the Bill Sadowski Park and Nature Center deserve special attention.

Address: 17555 SW 79th Ave, Palmetto Bay, FL


Crandon Park

Crandon Park old zoo

(photo by Rafael Receputi)

Crandon Park is much more than just a beach, although it undoubtedly remains its major attraction. Crandon Park boasts of a family entertainment center, which is situated just a few minutes’ walk along the seafront. Here you will find renovated antique carousels, an outdoor roller skating rink, a fascinating fountain and a modern children’s playground.

In addition, the park has many other amenities, including a small yacht club, golf courses, a tennis center, designated picnic areas, and the Crandon Park Nature Center, which is located in the northern part of the park and is home to many exotic plants, rare fish and wild animals.

Take a tour with a knowledgeable naturalist and explore algae, dunes, varieties of seagrass, fossilized mangrove reefs and everything else that nature offers to its visitors.

With the help of numerous exhibitions and presentations that are regularly held in the natural center, you can learn a lot of information about the world and its features. Nowadays, part of the park is designated as a Bear Cut Preserve, which is an area for exploring the natural environment.

Address: 6747 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL


5 Home Office Ideas That’ll Motivate You To Work

Having your own dedicated workspace is essential if you work from home. The interior design of your workplace or office is completely up to you and should be centred around what helps you focus. For some of us, this can result in a clutter-laden desk, full of old Post-its, old pens and used coffee cups. For others, an organised space that is clean and tidy is the only way that we can work more efficiently.

People who work from home are more likely to benefit from a relaxing and calm environment, which inspires and motivates them to work. With that in mind, here are 5 ideas for your home office to help you make the most out of your space.


Make Your Office Space A “Work-Only” Zone

For a lot of us, a home office can quickly become a place which accumulates non-work related items. Your office space should be used for business and writing work only. Laundry piles, storage and general junk shouldn’t be taking up space in your office. Before you start looking for new things to add to your workspace or setting up your own home office, be sure to clear away anything which doesn’t have a place in your office and that doesn’t help you to achieve your professional goals.


Use Your Senses

Your sense of smell is a wonderful tool which helps boost creativity and productivity. Making use of essential oils or relaxing scents in your workplace can help you to feel more focused and rejuvenated whilst working.

Rosemary has been proven to help promote concentration and help to get creativity flowing, whilst bergamot provides an uplifting aroma. To use scents in your office, purchase a diffuser or invest in a designer candle which should only be used during the time you spend in your office.


Streamline Your Lighting

This is something which is often overlooked, but ensuring that your lighting is right is extremely important, especially when it comes to your home office. Windows and natural light are prized possessions in any office, so you should make the most of it if you have one in your home office, or if your limit by your windows, investing professional lighting services can also help the space.

Natural light has a huge effect on our mood and behaviour, in a positive way, which artificial light cannot. You should also look at investing in curtains and blinds for when the sunshine is especially bright. Certain kinds of blinds, such as INTU blinds, don’t need to be screwed in or drilled into the window frame, so are quick and easy to install.


Bright White

If you tend to change your style more regularly than your computer screensaver, then you should look to keep your home office space all white. This way, you can change the accessories as and when you see fit and can add in new pillows, fun colours or trendy accessories whenever you desire.

You will also be inspired to keep your space cleaner when the walls are white, as they reflect light and make the room look and feel airier. This is a particularly good idea if you have a window which lets in a lot of natural light.


Mix The Old With New

Just because you are wanting to create a space which is more motivating and welcoming to work in doesn’t mean that you should stray away from the idea of using decor and items which are already in other rooms of your home. A mixture of modern and older pieces can make a room feel personal and warm, rather than like a clinical showroom. A beautiful older rug paired with new chairs can create a sense of means and style which means that the room won’t look or feel overwhelming.