How to Spread into Global Markets

Biggest goal of any business is to go global. Going global comes with a lot of benefits. However most business owners are afraid to spread into international markets, because there is no one way, one strategy that can be applied for all companies and would work the same for all. That means there’s a lot of strategy creation involved.

Market entry is the term you’re going to get familiar with if you’re planning to go abroad. It’s the process of adapting, transforming your product or service to a different, foreign market. There are a lot of plans and strategies to do so, but you will always need to adapt a known strategy to your own situation, because every company is different.

There are such market entry strategies as:

  1. Direct exporting is direct selling into the different market you’ve chosen. It is crucial to choose the right sales agents, because they represent your company abroad.
  2. Licensing is the term of giving the rights to your product to another company. It is best to chose this strategy, if the partner you chose has a large part in the market you’re about to enter and a wide audience it’s already reaching.
  3. Franchising is quick market expansion. If your company’s business model is quite versatile – this is the strategy for you. This strategy can only work if your brand is unique and known.
  4. Partnering is often fundamental in the process of market entry. In Asia partnering is mandatory. If you’re entering the market of a country that has completely different social culture, traditions, business, this is the best strategy to enter a market.
  5. Piggybacking is a considerably cheap strategy. You first need to find companies, that are already in foreign markets. Then you have to persuade them to add your product or service to their assortment. If they accept your offer, you will enter foreign markets.
  6. Joint Ventures strategy is when two firms agree to work together in a distinct market and create a third company to undertake this.
  7. Buying a Company is useful when you have a big budget. You enter the foreign market by buying a local company. It is very expensive, but local people, government will perceive you as a local company from the start.

These are only some strategies of how to enter a foreign market. For more information or help visit https://pointoneintl.com/ .

5 Things That Small Businesses Can Do To Improve The Health Of Employees

When it comes to caring for employee wellness, a lot of companies tend to focus the majority of their efforts on employees who are unwell or have long-term health issues. Whilst this is definitely money well spent, it is just as important to support the health of your other employees. On average, around 55% of a business’ workforce are “at risk” and are living with health risks, either from bad diets, smoking, drinking or not doing enough exercise. This can have an effect on their health and productivity.

As well as these obvious risks, a lot of employees are affected by health issues which are less visible. Stress, financial worries and mental health issues are also serious things to consider. So, if you have a small business and want to help improve the health of your employees, then here are some things to help you get started.


Flexible Working Options

Employees have commitments outside of work and juggling a balance or work and home life can be incredibly difficult, especially for parents or those who care for others. By offering flexible working options, you can help to significantly reduce stress levels and make your employees feel far more comfortable when it comes to prioritising their work and home life.


Provide Private Health Insurance

A lot of employees tend to put off health issues due to not being able to afford the treatment needed. Dental, physio and mental health concerns can often be costly to treat, so by offering a private health insurance option, your employees have cover should they ever need it. This, in turn, reduces stress and financial worries on your employee’s behalf, and you know that you are there to support them when you can.


Build A Culture Of Wellbeing

Putting a wellbeing strategy in place will help employees to address all of the traditional nutritional and physical issues that are associated with poor health. Gym discounts, for example, may encourage employees to take part in regular exercise and provide, whereas having regular team-building sessions will boost morale and workplace friendships.


Nurture Emerging Leaders

People who are natural leaders and managers rarely ever emerge on their own. Previous evidence has shown that when these employees are supported within their work environment they will realise their true talent and potential. Whilst it is important to not show any favouritism, as an employer you must be able to recognise these employees when you can and offer them guidance. When these employees are not recognised, they feel undervalued and underappreciated, leading to poor motivation and productivity.


Support Nutritional Health

Nutritional health is extremely important in the workplace. Whilst it is vital for employers to provide a safe and healthy place of work, it is also important to encourage healthy lifestyles. Eating healthily not only provides your body with the right vitamins and nutrients which it needs to function, but it also helps to keep your mind focused as your blood sugar levels naturally fluctuate throughout the day. Relaying the importance of eating healthily to your employees should be high on your list, but you can also recommend digestive health supplements and probiotic tablets as well.

Does Your Business Need a Website?

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you want to grow your brand. And if that is the case then you will probably have already considered investing in a website for your business. However, you may have also disregarded having your own website in the same breathe.


So, with that in mind, here are all of the reasons that you may or may not need a website for your business. Hint: there’s a lot more yes than no in this article.



The reasons for yes, you should have a website in 2018 are many. But, for simplicity’s sake, here are a few of the more important ones:



  • It’s What Customers Want


In the age of the internet, your customers expect you to have a website. It’s a simple and unavoidable fact. In 2019, people will likely want to find out more about your business before taking the plunge and converting. If you do not have a business website this can immediately be a red flag in their minds, as it removes the certainty that you are a reputable business.

The only way you could avoid this, for example, would be if you were selling products on a trusted third party website (like Amazon and eBay). Users trust the site and so you don’t necessarily need to instil your own trust factors into this.



  • A Business Narrative


Having your own website gives your business the ability to do something very special: control its own narrative. The more control you have over your own story and ultimately the message you portray to potential customers. It’s much more in-depth than having a simple Facebook, Instagram or whatever page. You can write more, even visualise your brand story if you prefer.



  • Drives New Revenue


Have you ever considered the fact that a website can drive more money into your business? No, well it certainly can. In fact, for some businesses, the most revenue comes through the web.

The more you build your website, the more revenue it can provide for your business. So, for that reason, it is very important you work towards improving your online revenue. Even if you only do so gradually, over time it can easily become the biggest source of income for your business on the whole.



  • Your Competitors Have One


It’s true, most of your competitors (to be classed as such) probably have a website. Unless you are in the most unexposed niche business in the world, then having a presence online in some form is likely needed to be considered a competitor. Whether you are a what’s on in Manchester publication or something as simple as a barber, you probably need a website. So, don’t be afraid to get one.



  • 24-7 Access


Having a physical store is all well and good, but it has opening and closing times. You and your business are not accessible at all times. Which, sometimes, is exactly what you need to be in order to be successful. Giving customers a website to find you can remove pesky obstacles like opening times and social convention, as they can visit it at any time of day to suit their needs.

A website gives your business an open day for customers, no matter the time of day. Which is exactly what can set you apart and ensure your gain their custom. Being accessible is a vital part of a business in 2019, so don’t overlook it.



There’s no reason for your business to have a website. No matter how big/small it is, where it is located or even what language you speak. There is no real excuse for not having a website as a business in 2019. Especially as, all things said and done, it is so easy to create – even if you have no website or coding knowledge! There are plenty of website builders available on the internet to help you along the way.


Final Thoughts

As a business functioning in 2019, whether you like it or not, you will almost definitely need your own website. And it’s not hard to achieve, even on a small budget! So, get building today and reap the rewards of your very own business website tomorrow.

Looking to Scale your Start-up? The Daily Wot Might be a Good Model to Emulate

The DailyWot is an online media destination site that provides its visitors with access to the latest trending and viral content from around the web. After being launched just a few years ago, the site now has tens of thousands of users from all over the world. What’s most interesting about it, however, is the way the business operates. This might be something that online entrepreneurs can learn from.

A global, distributed team

The company’s activity can be divided into a few different segments. On the one hand, it’s a content destination site, so it needs to source high-quality content and upload this for distribution to the site’s visitors. It manages to churn out massive amounts of fresh materials through a distributed, online team of content creators. These content creators have access to an online dashboard for uploading and publishing the content. All of it goes through editorial review before being released, to ensure that each article meets the DailyWot’s high standards.

All of the content creators work remotely on a freelance basis, so there are no overheads for running the core of the business – original, unique content creation. This works well for the freelances because they can work when and where they want to. It works well for the company because it keeps costs down and provides the management with content on demand.

On the other hand, the company is engaged in online media buying. This is the process of driving traffic (i.e. visitors) to the website. This media buying activity is 100% handled by a team of dedicated media buyers. These media buyers are also located in different parts around the globe and all work remotely. They are responsible for finding good traffic sources, sending traffic to the DailyWot, and then optimizing the traffic and the costs to ensure that it’s profitable for the business.

Finally, the business relies on selling advertising space so that its audience can be monetized. It seems to work primarily with cost-per-action (CPA) advertisers, meaning the DailyWot receives commissions whenever one of its visitors goes on to take a specific action, as defined by the advertiser. For example, the user may be required to register for a specific program, download a mobile application, or make a purchase. Whenever the defined action occurs, the Daily Wot generates revenue.             

The operating model of the future?

Traditional media companies have long operated in a way that looks very different from the DailyWot’s operating model. However, it would appear that this new model is potentially a better fit for online media companies in an era when online media is getting increasingly difficult to monetize. Because the Daily Wot is able to keep its costs down, by avoiding expensive overheads (offices) and tapping into a global pool of talent, it has a massive edge over traditional companies operating in the media space.

As more and more people around the world get comfortable with the idea of remote work, it looks like there will be more opportunities for early-stage companies to build remote organizations that have a global reach from very early on. The DailyWot’s agile, distributed model seems like something that more entrepreneurs should consider emulating.

Ecotourism in Florida: 4 Parks to Relax and Have a Picnic

Florida is famous for its biodiversity. It consists of two climatic zones: subtropics and tropics. The local climate contributes to the development of a multiple representatives of flora and fauna. Therefore, the fans of nature and outdoor recreation will be able to enjoy the rich variety of the wildlife of the Sunshine State.

Are you among them? Then with the help of AVIS Florida you will find many parks and gardens that will acquaint you with the natural beauty of this amazing destination…

Amelia Earhart Park

Amelia Island Lighthouse

(photo by Brian Menges)

Located north of Hialeah, Amelia Earhart Park is a great place for family fun. On its 208.5 hectares of land you will find a variety of entertainment and activities both for children and adults. Amelia Earhart Park is one of the oldest parks of Miami – it was created in 1926, and has been a real historical heritage. In the fall of 1947, it was named after the legendary aviator Amelia Earhart, whose plane disappeared without a trace in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in 1937.

Amelia Earhart Park offers its visitors a specially created 13-kilometers-long cycling route with a number of ups, downs, slopes and angles. Bikes can be rented during the whole working time of the park, and trails are divided for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. In addition, you can take advantage of other offers and amenities of the park. Also, your children and you will get a lot of pleasure by visiting a local farming village.

Address: 401 E 65th St, Hialeah, FL


Bayfront Park

021912_Miami-Bayfront Park (Manmade beach) 02

Bayfront Park is one of the best public, urban parks in downtown Miami, Florida. Occupying the territory of 13 hectares, its eastern part is located directly on the coast of Biscayne Bay. In the north, it’s bordered by the American Airlines Arena and the Bayside Marketplace, in the south by Chopin Plaza, and its western part is adjacent to Biscayne Boulevard.

As can be seen, its location allows you to always be in the center of all the events of the city, and it’s not surprising that Bayfront Park is the main venue for many major performances.

Bayfront Park is an ideal place for cultural and social development and moral recovery. Here you can take a boat tour around Biscayne Bay, during which you will learn a lot of information and interesting facts about Miami as a whole and its individual sights.

Enjoy a stroll along the well-kept embankment of Biscayne Bay, offering stunning views of the city, port and yachts. Visitors to the park can also watch the passage of ships from around the world into the harbor under the drawbridge. After an entertaining stroll or excursion, you can eat at one of the local cafes or restaurants located in the park.

On weekends, yoga classes are held in Bayfront Park, so if you are a fan of this type of culture, don’t forget to bring a mat.

Address: 301 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL


Bill Sadowski Park

Ficus citrifolia

(photo by Kyle Wicomb)

Today it’s hard to imagine that in such a tense rush of South Florida there are still quiet, calm corners of nature, where you can have a great time alone, with friends or with your family. One of these places is Bill Sadowski Park, located half a mile away from the Old Cutler Road. Despite its small size, the park area is just over 12 hectare – it’s a real natural center, inhabited by many species of plants, animals and birds.

During a tour of the territory of Bill Sadowski Park, you can take a walk along nature trails, while exploring and getting to know its local inhabitants. The local arboretum and freshwater aquarium with the volume of more than 3,000 liters is truly impressive.

Only at Bill Sadowski Park and Nature Center you can see the remains of strange geological formations that in other such important natural areas as Coral Gables and Pinecrest were destroyed or buried long ago under the grassy lawn.

The park offers guests specially equipped picnic areas, chairs, grill and barbecue areas, and toilets. Children can have fun on the modern playground. The observatories of an astronomical society located on the territory of the Bill Sadowski Park and Nature Center deserve special attention.

Address: 17555 SW 79th Ave, Palmetto Bay, FL


Crandon Park

Crandon Park old zoo

(photo by Rafael Receputi)

Crandon Park is much more than just a beach, although it undoubtedly remains its major attraction. Crandon Park boasts of a family entertainment center, which is situated just a few minutes’ walk along the seafront. Here you will find renovated antique carousels, an outdoor roller skating rink, a fascinating fountain and a modern children’s playground.

In addition, the park has many other amenities, including a small yacht club, golf courses, a tennis center, designated picnic areas, and the Crandon Park Nature Center, which is located in the northern part of the park and is home to many exotic plants, rare fish and wild animals.

Take a tour with a knowledgeable naturalist and explore algae, dunes, varieties of seagrass, fossilized mangrove reefs and everything else that nature offers to its visitors.

With the help of numerous exhibitions and presentations that are regularly held in the natural center, you can learn a lot of information about the world and its features. Nowadays, part of the park is designated as a Bear Cut Preserve, which is an area for exploring the natural environment.

Address: 6747 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL


5 Home Office Ideas That’ll Motivate You To Work

Having your own dedicated workspace is essential if you work from home. The interior design of your workplace or office is completely up to you and should be centred around what helps you focus. For some of us, this can result in a clutter-laden desk, full of old Post-its, old pens and used coffee cups. For others, an organised space that is clean and tidy is the only way that we can work more efficiently.

People who work from home are more likely to benefit from a relaxing and calm environment, which inspires and motivates them to work. With that in mind, here are 5 ideas for your home office to help you make the most out of your space.


Make Your Office Space A “Work-Only” Zone

For a lot of us, a home office can quickly become a place which accumulates non-work related items. Your office space should be used for business and writing work only. Laundry piles, storage and general junk shouldn’t be taking up space in your office. Before you start looking for new things to add to your workspace or setting up your own home office, be sure to clear away anything which doesn’t have a place in your office and that doesn’t help you to achieve your professional goals.


Use Your Senses

Your sense of smell is a wonderful tool which helps boost creativity and productivity. Making use of essential oils or relaxing scents in your workplace can help you to feel more focused and rejuvenated whilst working.

Rosemary has been proven to help promote concentration and help to get creativity flowing, whilst bergamot provides an uplifting aroma. To use scents in your office, purchase a diffuser or invest in a designer candle which should only be used during the time you spend in your office.


Streamline Your Lighting

This is something which is often overlooked, but ensuring that your lighting is right is extremely important, especially when it comes to your home office. Windows and natural light are prized possessions in any office, so you should make the most of it if you have one in your home office.

Natural light has a huge effect on our mood and behaviour, in a positive way, which artificial light cannot. You should also look at investing in curtains and blinds for when the sunshine is especially bright. Certain kinds of blinds, such as INTU blinds, don’t need to be screwed in or drilled into the window frame, so are quick and easy to install.


Bright White

If you tend to change your style more regularly than your computer screensaver, then you should look to keep your home office space all white. This way, you can change the accessories as and when you see fit and can add in new pillows, fun colours or trendy accessories whenever you desire.

You will also be inspired to keep your space cleaner when the walls are white, as they reflect light and make the room look and feel airier. This is a particularly good idea if you have a window which lets in a lot of natural light.


Mix The Old With New

Just because you are wanting to create a space which is more motivating and welcoming to work in doesn’t mean that you should stray away from the idea of using decor and items which are already in other rooms of your home. A mixture of modern and older pieces can make a room feel personal and warm, rather than like a clinical showroom. A beautiful older rug paired with new chairs can create a sense of means and style which means that the room won’t look or feel overwhelming.

The Biggest Security Breaches Faced by Companies in 2018

It’s alarming to think that security breaches are common in this day and age, but they are. There’s a reason why cybersecurity companies like CYFIRMA are finding the approval of organizations that have been newly acquainted to the threat of cyber attacks. The security of your business should be your main priority, particularly in today’s all-encompassing digital environment.

You’ll also see that security breaches nowadays are growing larger and more complex. As more people actively participate in the online marketplace, there is more data available online, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Additionally, with the number of users of mobile devices growing each year, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are applying the right security measures for your business.

Whether you’re working on your own or with a cybersecurity company like CYFIRMA, you need to ensure that your business is safe and secure. This is due to the fact that even big companies can fall victim to data breaches. To mark an example- following are some of the biggest data breaches that targeted renowned companies in 2018:

MyFitnessPal – Under Armour

An app that helps you keep track of your fitness goal, MyFitnessPal is owned by the American athleisure major, Under Armour. In March 2018, the company discovered that someone had gained unauthorized access to their app’s database. This consisted not only information pertaining to the users’ health and fitness activities but also their email addresses, usernames and hashed passwords. It is believed that over 150 million users were compromised by this breach. The silver lining here is that no sensitive data such as social security numbers, payment information or home addresses were compromised.

My Heritage

A company which provides people with their genetic family tree, MyHeritage suffered a data breach on June 4 when a file was found on the private sector of the company’s files. When the file was inspected, it was found to contain the email addresses of all users who had signed up for the service since October 2017. While the file did not contain any sensitive data, around 92 million users’ data was unfortunately exposed. MyHeritage did refute allegations by claiming that no user data was compromised but it is difficult to believe this statement without any concrete proof.


The social media app with a billion users, Facebook has come under fire for their poor security measures, particularly the way the platform works with third-party apps and more. In March 2018, it was discovered that Cambridge Analytica had successfully collected the personal information of around 50 million users on Facebook through an app that scrapped their details as well as user habits and engagement with the platform. While Facebook maintained that only 30 million users were impacted by the breach, by April it was revealed that there were around 87 million users who were actually impacted. Curiously, Facebook has had similar issues in this area before when working with a third-party app called Nametest, which compromised the data of over 120 million users.

With these cases, it is easy to see that working with a cybersecurity company like CYFIRMA will be immediately and immensely beneficial for your business. Additionally, these large businesses have the luxury of bouncing back from the issue, but smaller, newer businesses cannot afford to take the chance.

Ways to Improve Your Workspace to Increase Productivity

Going back to work after time off can often feel like a sluggish task particularly when returning to a disorganised workspace. Studies show that an unattractive work environment can contribute to the reduction of the cognitive capacity you have left to devote to productive tasks. Modernising your workspace is a great way to give your working environment a new lease of life which will contribute significantly to your overall productivity and motivation levels.



What better way of adding life to a space than literally adding life? Bringing nature into the workplace is a great way of creating a calming and uplifting environment. Not only do plants add a point of interest and colour to a room, they also help to improve air quality by removing unwanted toxins. This can help to reduce blood pressure and anxiety levels resulting in better work performance.


Spider plants remove carbon monoxide from the air which creates more oxygen, a method used frequently as a way of reducing stress levels in the workplace. These spire plants also add a modern texture and pop of vibrancy to a room making them a great addition to the office or workspace. Be careful not to overdo it as this could lead to the space looking cluttered which can cause visual overload resulting in you feeling more stressed.


The great thing about most indoor plants is that they require very low maintenance. You can get away with watering them once every few weeks. Be sure to give the leaves a dusting whilst doing so as this will keep the plant healthy and true to it’s colour. Keep them near natural light for maximum longevity.



Zen style furniture is often characterised by simple design and clear, straight lines and avoids complicated detailing, heavy patterns and bold colours. Such style is typically found in contemporary furniture as opposed to antique or old pieces that tend to be busy and heavy on the eye.


Replacing your furniture with modern pieces will contribute to a more relaxing workspace as well as being more visually aesthetic and comfortable to work in. For instance, you could replace your seating in the breaks room for some modern designer bar stools. Not only will this look visually pleasing but it will also create a more communal atmosphere and space to relax with co-workers in. Studies show that changing your posture during working hours reduces the odds of a long-term injury, so it is important that you invest in furniture that is comfortable as well as contemporary.


The placing of your furniture is equally as important as the furniture itself. If your space allows, place your furniture so it is facing the entrance or door so you can always see who is coming in or passing by. Not only does this make you more alert, therefore, decreasing your stress levels, but it also means you do no cause injury straining your neck having to turn around.


Invest in Something You Love

You spend as much time in the office as you do in your own home so creating a space that you feel completely comfortable in is important. Splurge on an item that you know will boost your productivity and something that you will treasure. If you like listening to music then why not invest in some good quality speakers that will make you excited to come into work and use. This will increase your productivity as it will make you more excited to return to the office.


Lighting has a significant impact on productivity with studies showing that having good lighting can improve your performance by 35%. Good lighting can also improve your overall health and happiness within the workplace whilst reducing eye-strain, headaches and fatigue.


Try to incorporate as much natural light within your space as possible as this is the most effective way of increasing your productivity. If this isn’t possible then investing in some blue-enriched light bulbs is said to be a great way of reducing fatigue and increasing your energy levels. It is also a good idea to have a warmed tone lamp on your desk as this promotes calmness and relaxation.

Simple choices to help you save money in a warehouse

One of the most neglected parts of running a successful and profitable business is cutting down on costs properly. Now, the word “properly” is very important here. Many people cringe at the thought of saving up money on things like costs and expenses, and they are often right. The moment the quality of your products and services drops, so will sales. Cutting down on employee salaries, or extending their work hours, will also run your company into the ground. No, what we are talking about here is efficient money saving tips for your warehouse business. These are not intended to turn you into a miser, but to simply help you cut down on needless costs, and saving you from slowly bleeding money.


Optimize how you use space

More is not always better. Understand how and why you use the space in your warehouse, and how much space you actually need. A smaller space is obviously more cost-effective, and if you simply don’t deal with bulky goods, there is no point in having a huge warehouse.

Furthermore, work on how you set up your aisles. Proper organization can help your employees work more efficiently, and with less stress, which in turn allows you to make more money. Furthermore, if you’re using forklifts or carts, an optimal movement will help reduce fuel costs.


Reduce energy costs

Think about how to optimize energy usage. One of the things you can do is get better insulation for your building. Heating up a warehouse is not cheap, and losing heat will only net you a larger bill by the end of the month. Getting proper insulation will do wonders for your heating bill in the long term. Lights can also be an issue. A warehouse requires many powerful lights, and setting up an automatic light system can reduce costs even more.

Installing windows will increase employee morale, and will get a lot of natural sunlight in. And while it may make insulation during the winter months a bit harder, during the summer it will decrease your heating bill.

Spend money to make (and save) money


Like the previous points, spending money will help you make more money (i.e. save it). So, investing in a high-quality battery forklift will make everything more efficient, and will help you save some money on fuel costs.

Getting the newest technology, in general, will always pan out. It will increase efficiency, and this will then lead to a decrease in costs, and an increase in profits. Remember, you need to focus on the long term. So, things like voice-directed picking system, centralized warehouse management software, better computers to run said software, and whatever else you think will help are all viable investments.


Reduce labor costs

As we’ve mentioned, you don’t want to cut costs regarding employee salaries, comfort, or safety. What you do want, however, is be smart with how you hire people. First of all, retention rates are important. It’s much cheaper, in the long run, to hire experienced employees, than actually find and train a new one. Furthermore, by investing in seminars, training, and education, you will get loyal employees who will stay with your company, and who will be much more efficient and useful. Working on improving employee morale will cut costs, due to their overall greater efficiency, and attention to detail. Accidents and errors will happen less often, as will slacking off and sick days.


Remember, if you want to cut costs without sacrificing the health of your employees, and the quality of your products and services, you need to think about the long term. Use your money wisely, see where you’re bleeding money, and take care of your staff.

Benefits Of A Coffee Machine In Your Workplace

 Installing a coffee machine in your workplace is an industry standard and, nowadays, it’s easier to imagine an office space without a printer than one without a coffee machine. It is a fact that coffee boosts productivity, yet, productivity is a complex phenomenon and coffee helps improve it in more than several different ways. Other than this, the ownership of the device itself creates some passive boosts to your staff’s productivity and sense of belonging. That being said, there are several benefits of a coffee machine in your workplace, as well as several reasons why your office space benefits from owning such a device.

Caffeine keeps you alert

The first thing you need to understand is the fact that, even though their work schedule should mandate it, not a lot of people sleep long enough or wake up completely rested. They might be working long hours, as well as have a second-job back at home, which means that the evening is the only time they have for themselves. Therefore, it’s understandable that, no matter how tired they are, they might be urged to spend just a bit more time on YouTube or watch an extra episode of their favorite show before going to sleep. In the morning, coffee might make all the difference in their level of alertness. Therefore, an investment in a coffee machine is an investment in the mental presence of your staff.

It reduces inflammation

Another reason why you need to have a coffee machine in the office is due to the fact that it reduces inflammations and even battles a headache. Sitting in the same position for hours and hours may cause you to experience some back pain and turning towards coffee may help you elevate some of this pain. Now, don’t get us wrong, caffeine can’t replace painkillers but it can offer a tiny bit of assistance, just enough to take away the edge. There are some studies showing that when combined with caffeine, remedies like ibuprofen or acetaminophen last longer. This is incredibly important for someone who stares at the screen for 8 hours straight (probably even longer).

It saves time

Previous two sections focused on the reason why you need caffeine and coffee but now, it’s important that we mention why coffee machine, in general, is a must-have in the office. First of all, people with a healthy caffeine addiction will take time to brew their coffee even if you don’t have a coffee machine. However, the absence of an appliance for a work coffee will make you look unprofessional. After all, if having a coffee machine in the office kitchen is an industry standard, not having it makes you bellow this standard. From a practical standpoint, it will take your employees a lot longer to get to their favorite hot beverage which will, in turn, increase the downtime within the office.

An opportunity for socialization

Interpersonal relationships within an office are not just a side-effect of working in a group. They’re an amazing opportunity for your company to help increase the sense of belonging amongst their staff. It’s far easier for your employees to develop a sense of belonging to a certain group (their co-workers), rather than for them to start feeling loyalty to your brand, right away. In the long-run, both of these methods may give you the same effect. People socialize next to the coffee machine as much as they do next to the watercooler, which gives your office yet another social focal point. Unlike with water, coffee takes longer to drink, which, indirectly, gives you more time to spend with your colleagues.

Encouraging your team to take a break

The biggest problem with overachievers lies in the fact that they are unlikely to take a break on their own but forcing them to make a halt in their activities isn’t as effective either. What you need to do is encourage your team to take a break by giving them a reason to do so. Equipping your breakroom with a ping-pong table is one way to do so, however, purchasing a coffee maker is a cheaper, more pragmatic and even more elegant way to do so. Even the longest line in front of the coffee maker makes less disruption than a coffee machine does.

In conclusion

The best part of it lies in the fact that, when compared to the rest of the office tech, a coffee maker is a relatively inexpensive item. Now compare this idea with all the benefits that you get to reap from purchasing it and you’ll see that this simple device provides you with an outstanding ROI. When you put it all into perspective, you’ll quickly realize that getting a coffee machine for your office is not an optional move. A presence of such a device might, at times, be taken for granted but its absence is definitely something that you’ll come to notice, in a negative way.

New Underwear Labels Rivalling Victoria’s Secret

Gooseberry Intimates

This up and coming brand is all over social media as the next big thing. And it’s not hard to see why. With delicate lace underwear and beautiful designs, this lingerie brand is just as unique in style as their name. Their flagship store is in Bali, a destination featured in basically every influencer’s bucket list. They even offer free shipping over $200. So club together with a friend to transform your wardrobe.



Aerie is a company under the umbrella of American Eagle. They recently made headlines for their body positivity campaign, including models of all shapes and sizes. The now-famous photos were untouched, promoting a different side to other lingerie companies – an aspect that many customers loved and widely reported on fashion blog sites. Their profits were up for 16 consecutive months after the launch of the campaign.


Savage x Fenty

Rhianna’s brainchild ‘Savage x Fenty’ is a brand preaching exclusivity for all women, no matter their race, religion or size. They are perhaps on of Victoria Secret’s biggest rivals to date, catering to those women tired of industry standard models used by the brand. It features a range of classic bras for everyday as well as more seductive pieces.


Les Girls Les Boys

Originally started by the previous owner of Agent Provocateur, les girls les boys offer something different to the designer lingerie market. They focus on a ‘street-to-bed’ look, underwear that’s easily transitioned from bed to daywear in no time. Their pieces are all designed to be loungewear, and they also offer pyjamas in their range.



This brand offers something for women who may find it hard to get well-fitting bras. They start with a quiz, asking women about their body type and their preferred bra styles. They will then get to receive a personalised selection of bras in the post to try on for size. Any bras they don’t like they are able to send back. A great idea for those who struggle with finding a bra in other stores such as Victoria Secret.


What’s Next?

Victoria’s Secret has been receiving press in the last few months for all the wrong reasons. It seems that even their most loyal customers are tired of their yearly fashion show, showcasing skinny models who tell stories of their lack of food in preparation for the walk. Whether it’s enough for them to be dethroned yet it to be seen.


In modern world, along with personal lives, every professional field is getting highly influenced by technology. Among these professional fields, a great revolution has been brought by technology in the healthcare industry. With respect to Canada, this merging of technology and healthcare industry has done wonders in the healthcare app development, by improving as well as raising the health condition of people.


The AI technology merged with medical science has paved ways for innovation in healthcare industry. Various medical science areas like pharmacy, biotechnology, information technology, and development of medical devices and equipment have seen a rise just because of the advancement in AI. From relatively small innovations like adhesive bandages, ankle braces, to relatively large as well as complex technology like MRI machines, artificial organs, robotic prosthetic limbs, AI has put a significant impact on the medical as well as health care industry.


In medical as well as healthcare industry, the dependency on technology is greatly increasing because of which there has been a hike in healthcare app development. The health apps are useful in diagnosis of the patient, performing surgical procedures efficiently, and providing overall improved healthcare.


The information technology has also made a great contribution in the field of healthcare industry. Lately, there has been an increase in the usage of electronic medical records (EMR), along with smartphones and tablets. This is benefitting both the doctors and the patients as well.

The technology in healthcare industry evolved from making new equipment familiar to the doctors so that they can use the equipment for private practices and even in hospitals for enhancing the connectivity between patients and doctors. It is becoming common today for the patients to communicate with the physician via video conferencing so as to save money as well as time, that is spent usually on traveling or sending health information instantly.


With the construction of more hospitals as well as evolution of modern practices via technology like the mobile devices, the doctors can now access all the useful information, right from information about drugs, various new research studies, to the patient history, within a fraction of seconds. Also, due to their effective portability, the physicians can never be disconnected with any sort of information. There are different apps which can help in finding any potential health threat and examine the information digitally with the technology such as X-rays as well as CT scans. Thus, technology has been beneficial to the healthcare industry in many ways.


Because of various websites as well as mobile apps, the healthcare industry has converted into an online platform. Because of Internet, the technology has been able to show its importance in the healthcare, medical, and lifestyle domains. Today, there are many apps which focus mainly on the mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This has able to build a strong base for healthcare app development. These healthcare apps can be used as a medical reference database, clinical checkup tool, and medical calculator.

There are various health as well as fitness apps, which helps the users to track the health  by users and provide them with information about the fitness level. So, now some facts which are necessary to develop health apps are discussed below:

  1. Target hardware

A developer who is working on healthcare app development would aim to target more than a single platform. These platforms may include desktop as well as mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Each smartphone user operates the same app in a different way depending upon the information speed or information length. A healthcare app should be optimized to work on different platforms including smartphones as well as tablets. Though there are various healthcare apps which are developed to run on smartphone, only few of them are compatible with tablets.

  1. API components

Application Programming Interface (API) is a process, tool, or routine that executes some specific task or interacts with some part or the whole software. There are various social networking apps and advertisers which use APIs to communicate any information. Whenever a user login into the app, it is the API that supports the whole authentication process by connecting the device of the user to the remote server.

The healthcare app development operators add various API components which can help to authenticate the device of the user to access the information of the patient, in some case of patient engagement solution. Also, the developer should add other APIs coming from suppliers and vendors.

  1. Data security

The mobile app developers usually avoid to store the data of the app in the device for some security reasons. If the app runs on traditional clinical management system, the developer can easily store the data of the app to the server by limiting the number of API requests. So, if the security is given priority as in the case of healthcare apps, the developers are recommended to work on end-to-end encryption.

  1. Device security

There are various data security companies such as Arxan which suggest that in comparison with iOS apps, Android apps are less secure. In fact, there are various cybersecurity advocates which prefer iOS platform over Android for developing apps which need more security features.

Though Android, today, covers more than 80% of the smartphone market, the smartphone manufacturers are trying their best to fill in the security gap which pulls Android operating system back. These manufacturers are coming up with great solutions but still the path seems long.

Samsung Knox is a good example to prove that Android operating system seems less secure, but manufacturers are trying their level best. It is user-friendly and the user can do variety of activities ranging from work to personal activities. This is emerging as a good step from the manufacturers because today most organizations are working on “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy.

Second best example can be that of Blackberry. It is trying to develop smartphones with high security features so that it can rule the market again. Moreover, their developers have suggested some code of conduct which can be added to make the mobile app much safer.

Every daily-life app needs to possess some essential features which can indulge the user in it. These features are listed in an explained way below:

  • Step/Sleep/Run tracker

This tracker should work in collaboration with the details that the user provides. Like if a user wants to take 8 hours sleep and if this time limit exceeds, then it should signal the user. Some other features which can be associated with this tracker include blood pressure, heart rate, water intake and incline swings. For those users who really want to dig deep, some complex features may be included like calorie counter.

  • Analytics.

Here analytics refer to the measuring of metrics on the collected data of the activities of the user. This can further lead to make certain conclusions.

  • Push notifications

Push notifications in an app are very essential. These notifications act as a signal for any sort of reminder or update. In healthcare apps, these notifications can be used to encourage users to take care of their health.

Some healthcare mobile apps usually are monetized and come with some prepaid subscription for providing the services. Like, Headspace app offers a monthly as well as a yearly subscription, whichever is preferable to the user. Thus, a healthcare app developer can monetize the app by putting any advertisement but it should not degrade the quality of the user experience of the app.

Reasons why mobile apps fail

There are various reasons by which mobile apps are not able to work properly or altogether fail. Some of the reasons are listed below.

  • Poor User Experience

Though there may be many reasons behind the failure of a mobile app, the foremost is the poor user experience. It is essential to realize that the mobile app market is full of loaded stuff, many of them are not used by anyone, so there they reach in the category of “ghost house apps”. Thus, the developer should understand and avoid adding the irrelevant stuff to the app such as inappropriate content, or complex user flow because this can leave a negative impression on the customer about the app.

  • Poor Expertise and Less Industry Knowledge.

While developing a healthcare app, it is necessary that the developer should have excellent expertise to develop the app which can cater to the needs of the customer. Like, in case of a healthcare app, if the developer is not leaving any section by which the patient can communicate to the doctor, the user will part away from that app.

  • Not solving the Particular Problem

One of the major issues that the healthcare apps fail is that these apps do not solve a specific problem, instead they try to solve all the problems, resulting in none being solved.

  • Failure to Meet the Privacy Guidelines.

All the medical or health related mobile apps need to follow the rules laid by HIPPA. This is one of the major factors where many healthcare app development companies lack behind.