Key Trends of Customer-Focused Culture Building for 2018

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For a business to succeed in this age; it is vital, to create a customer-focused culture. That is a culture that centers on the customers. Also, adopting a customer-focused model is more sustainable than relying on a durable product.

It is so, because, the model will depend on the trends of the customers and move with the changes, in the same. The conversation of going through a customer experience transformation will begin in your boardroom. Technology also has a vital role to play in improving the customer experience for companies, almost like getting a high score demands you to buy phd online.

Google trends show a rise in the search intent for “customer-centric” plans by businesses. It has been so, for the last two years. As the market increases in competitiveness; so does it cause the need for a customer-focused approach to increase. Providing your customers with the proper experience will be better than product or price, for businesses, as predicted by Gartner.

We will now delve into the trends to watch out for or try out this year:

• Customer Feedback

It is common for companies to send their customers surveys on their products or services. However, the feedback received from the polls doesn’t provide the organizations with insights that are actionable. It then leads to the generation of numerous unused feedback.

There’s nothing more annoying to a customer than taking your time to raise awareness of a failure in a product or service, and nothing is done to make the situation better the next time. Many of us have had these encounters. A company may need only to collect data on the areas that they are ready to work on, to minimize these instances.

• Collaboration

To increase and maintain your current customer base, you need to drive the loyalty and respect of your customers. In that, customers appreciate when a company know them well and can make relevant suggestions to them. The same applies when sending marketing messages; customers want to receive the right message.

You have to treat the customer support that your business provides, as a team sport. That means relevant departments should work together to provide customer support with useful information. Use integrations to make your customer’s experience, effortless.

Companies are also making massive investments to improve their digital capabilities and skills. The next step is to build an experience that will bring together their digital channels, physical locations, and contact centers.

• The Role of the CEO

For a better customer experience, the CEO of a company should know what happens on the ground. You can do by getting involved in the feedback and listening mechanisms at your company. That is, to lead your company to achieve exponential growth and success financially, you need to be able to drive your team in providing a customer experience that is powerful.

The type of experience that your employees have will translate to you’re the experience of your customers. As the CEO, you are the one who will set the tone for the entire company. If you care about customer experience, and you should, you need to incorporate it into the culture of the organization.

Involve your staff in changing your corporate culture to customer-focused one, through training. And it applies to all employees and not just the ones who directly interact with customers.

• Voice Recognition

We expect more companies to focus on speech recognition for interfaces and insights. Tools for text analytics have become a staple. The next big hurdle for businesses is speech analytics.

There are various digital products that many customers are getting acquainted with, and especially ones that have a natural voice interface. They include Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc.

• AI and Bots

We cannot deny the disruptions that technology is causing in different fields, and so does it, in creating a customer-centric culture. For years now, AI and Bots have and will continue to be a topic of discussion. More so, since it is alluring to be able to reduce the resolution, and first response time.

The use of AI serves both the customer and support staff. In that AI handles fundamental questions that do not require human help. At the same time, a customer doesn’t have to wait longer for response to their query as the support agent goes through massive data, in search of the right answer.

AI provides support by assisting in providing real-time answers to a question by a client.

• Personalization

Time, the thing we need most and can’t seem to get enough of it. It is not pleasant to be served with content that is not relevant to you. The use of Augmented Reality makes it possible for companies to shape and personalize the experience of their customers.

It is about saving them their precious time. It calls for having an excellent understanding of the preferences of your customers, leveraging your customer data, and conversations to preempt the needs of your customers. You can tailor the experience of your customers using machine learning, too.

Lack of resources is what hinders many companies from making personalization a priority.

• The quest for Analytics Expertise

Businesses are looking for people who can make sense of the vast chunks of data available. As per the estimations, by 2020 we will be producing 44 zettabytes of data, daily. Artificial Intelligence is helping companies to identify relevant experiences and opportunities for customers.

Not to forget that many organizations are seeing the value of analytics, be it predictive, behavioral, or speech analytics. Decisioning helps in the creation of personalized customer experiences. They are also looking for people with expertise in analytics.

And we will see aggressive recruitment of analytic experts. In some cases companies will have to invest in retooling and retraining their internal employees, to fill this role.


To set yourself apart from your competition, you need to adopt and invest in customer-centric approaches. You may not see the growth instantly, but it is a long game. The tools, technology you invest in, together with the support you offer, is what will distinguish you from others.

It’s not too late to improve your programs. Start with the culture and don’t forget the vital role that technology plays in changing the experience of your customers.

Can the Product Package Help Sell More Products?

There is truth in the idea that the way products are packaged can affect sales. This has been proven by Packaging Industry Research and a lot of other marketing research in the past. This is perhaps due to how people think. Most people find products appealing based on how they are presented. This is similar to how we judge people. We think highly of people who dress well even if we don’t know who they really are or what qualities they possess.

Another thing to remember is that buyers don’t really have the chance to examine the quality of every brand when they buy products at the supermarket. They only base their decisions on the price and the packaging of the product being sold.

Therefore, if the products are attractive, they can somehow drive sales. This does not guarantee your product will sell a lot more in the future, but it can somehow pull people towards your product over other competing brands on the shelf.

A reflection of your brand

The packaging also speaks volume about your brand. If you have a package that is from a high-quality material and it is really sturdy, people will think that the product is of good quality. Again, they have not yet tried the product, but they can already make judgments.

It provides more information

There are also buyers out there who are very particular when it comes to the content of the products that they are consuming. The nutritional content and list of ingredients, for instance, can affect their decision making. Having them written clearly on the package helps a lot. It also shows just how honest you are with your consumers since you provide them with the information they need before buying a product.

Your product becomes really unique

When it comes to product packaging, the goal is to stand out. There are a lot of competitors out there and they grab the attention of many people through the package design. You should also do the same thing. Apart from that, you want to be seen as a distinct brand. Make sure the design is different and not just a copycat of a successful brand. Aside from it confusing consumers, it also makes them think less about your products. The colours should reflect your brand. The logo must be there. The tagline can even be included if there is space. From a distance, people will see the package and feel excited about buying it.

Given all these reasons, the package is more than useful in creating a brand. You have to pay attention to every detail on the packaging before you release the products.

How to Make the Most of Your Digital Signage

Modern technology has allowed advertising to be more cost-effective with the development of digital display solutions. Electronic displays have changed the way businesses promote their products and services, making advertising and promotion more engaging and effective. If you are one of those who has joined the ranks of companies using this technology, make sure your signage stands out and reaches its objective. Here are some pointers to consider.

Optimise display

Do not waste the big size of your screen only to display poor quality content. Use your software to change contrast, sharpness and brightness settings. This way, your display will look better and more accessible to your target viewers. Consider lighting conditions in the area to calibrate settings.

Captivate the senses

Digital signage is not just visually compelling. It gives you a chance to engage the senses and be more effective in drawing people’s attention. You can show a video of freshly fried chicken that is crunchy and warm when broken apart, or the beauty of nature that seems to transport people to a peaceful paradise. Integrate high-quality audio or try scent diffusers that can literally stop passers-by in their tracks.

Simplify your message

If your signage is displayed outdoors where people have a short time to read it, make sure your message is clear and easy to understand. In marketing, the rule is that you can expect passers-by to read a maximum of three lines with five words.

Content is still king, so make it dynamic and relevant

Customers want content they can relate to. One of the easiest ways to do this is to update people on the latest news or weather. You can also free up some space in your display for local events that people may want to join. Additionally, why not integrate social media content? Your followers can post photos of them using your product and hashtag. Display their posts so they can enjoy a few minutes of fame. This makes them feel valued as well.

Be interactive

A range of digital display solutions is now available. Consider interactive displays that allow you to engage more customers. If you are already using this technology, take advantage of analytics that let you understand what your customers want. This will help improve your display and make your content more relevant to them.

In this digital age, digital signage is not just a fad. It has become the norm. People are more drawn to captivating videos, images, and multimedia. Our brains respond well to visuals, but the digital display can play with other senses. If you have already invested in it or you are still planning to capitalize on this technology to help your business, it’s just right to perfect it. Avoid common mistakes, always consider your audience and regularly update your content.  Do not forget choosing the right hardware and get it from reputable manufacturers such as www.unicol.com.

What Makes a Modern Granny Flat a Good Investment?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know about granny flats. You probably know they are attached or detached secondary residences that are added to an existing property. What you may not know is just how lucrative fronting the money for a granny flat investment can be for you, and your family. More specifically, you may not know how solid an investment a modern granny flat is for your family.

Aside from the obvious perk of being able to keep your loved ones close to you – a sign of the modern times thanks to the increase in intergenerational living – there are indisputably attractive economic reasons to seriously consider adding a secondary dwelling to your property.

Read on to find out more about how you can use a modern granny flat to enhance your household income.

Highly Flexible

Any reputable granny flat builder will give you tons of options in terms of design, so you can create them with your budget in mind. Most granny flats are around 60 m2, but you can make them a little larger or smaller depending on the needs of your family.

Housing Shortage

Thanks to a steadily increasing population in Australia and worldwide, there is a shortage of affordable housing. This makes granny flats ideal if you have a loved one who is having difficulty finding a home to suit their budget. It also makes building a modern granny flat a great opportunity if you want to bolster your monthly income, since you can rent out your flat. This will garner you around $20,000 a year, which means in a few years, the building of your granny flat will have paid for itself.

Increased Property Value

Modern granny flats can increase your property value by up to 30%  — if you build wisely. Some tips to keep the capital coming include making sure the design of your granny flat is in line with the stylistic feel of your primary dwelling, as well as the neighborhood, choosing green, energy efficient building materials and appliance options that will entice potential renters (should you choose to rent), and keep monthly bills down for your family member.

Financing is (Relatively) Easy

Compared to the hoops you have to jump through to get the financing to build a primary home, building a secondary dwelling is pretty easy. This is because it is a small investments, comparatively speaking, and because banks and lenders know the value a granny flat can add to your property. This makes lending you the money a sound and profitable investment for them.

Of course, you can’t just start building. Because municipalities, cities and counties don’t want granny flats crammed onto properties, depreciating their aesthetic value and driving down the real estate in the area, you have to make sure your jurisdiction allows you to build a granny flat. One of the best ways to do this is to talk to a professional granny flat builder in your area. They have the local expertise and building experience to guide you through the process. Otherwise, call up your city or town council and see what they have to say.

A Poor Character’s Victim: Common Real Estate Scams That Can Trick Wise Investors

Selling or purchasing a home can be a complicated and overwhelming series of steps particularly if you do not do it that frequently. The industry of real estate is continuously innovating, with rules and management modifications from time to time.

Just like any other enterprises, the property sector pulls its share of swindlers expecting to trick potential renters and buyers of their tough-earned gains. Most likely, all those wealth is to entice some untrustworthy individuals wanting and also planning for moves to take a good profit out of you.

Additionally, all that pressure and stress could plainly let you overlook the obvious warning marks. That is the reason as to why even persons who ought to know better occasionally fall for scams precisely in real estate. Luckily, there are means you can protect yourself against estate scam.

To help you recognize these opportunistic scammers, here is a summary of the most prevalent real estate frauds as well as some pieces of advice on to avoid getting fooled.

The Bogus Scam of Rental Listing

These frauds make good use of the real estate dealings online by copying legal estate listings, reposting the list elsewhere and pretending as the broker or landowner who is leasing the specified property.

The con artists will frequently request for the security deposit or extra front money in advance. Usually, the scammers will request you to send money in advance while an agreement or contract is currently drawn up.

They will mimic the landlord, estate administrator or property agent and will answer calls and emails from potential clients.

The swindler then expresses that he or she is not able to meet a potential occupant right at the negotiated property, and will likely suggest an off-site meeting to swap keys, sign an occupancy contract and demand down payment.

Victims may hardly recognize that the person they negotiated with fooled them when they arrive at the particular property and discover that it is already in use or occupied.

Always disagree with sending money to someone whom you have never met personally. Do not forget to confirm the identification of the individual you have a transaction with and try to verify that they are an authorized real estate broker.

As rental frauds are frequent, online private advertising, as well as social media, have also been used for property scams and investment fraud.

The information you must be wary of in particular listings consists of urgent claims like “need to sell immediately,” guarantees of high profits or “no-cost/low-cost” investment. These variety of claims are mostly too-good-to-be-true that you cannot assume that such a situation is feasible, and they also can be widespread in offline frauds.

The Title Scam

A Poor Character's Victim: Common Real Estate Scams That Can Trick Wise Investors

This kind of real estate scam can be strikingly destructive. Primarily, it is a kind of identity theft in which the scammer pretends to be the householder and utilizes fake certificates to transfer the estate to his or her name. Take the money for themselves and leaves the original owner responsible for future payments.

Always ensure your data and do not ever reveal your files to any or each anonymous source. In case you want to be knowledgeable and well-informed about the flow of real estate, it is best to seek advice from seasoned specialists from Rose & Jones and follow their instructions and guidance.

The title insurance is the soundest security against this kind of fraud. Along with protecting you against title scam, title insurance also safeguards a new owner. The title insurance will be helpful against existing claims against an estate’s title such as outstanding debts from utilities, uncompensated property taxes, and mortgages.

It will also be a big help in infringement matters like construction on a property requires being removed because it is the property of your neighbor, as well as inaccuracies in public reports and surveys.

Property Investment Courses and Seminars

Training yourself to be knowledgeable in estate investment can be vital to success. On the other hand, potential investors must be observant and make their research on any seminar contributors.

Keep in mind there are recognized speakers and workshops that present useful information, but there are also others that only exist simply to take cash from the unaware, and there are a few that are in the middle.

Prospective investors must be careful regarding courses or seminars that offer investor insights. The usefulness of the information presented can differ to an extreme degree, as well as the expenses.

Some can be free of charge, with sponsoring by an organization or company, others will require cash, varying from low costs to a higher price of financial loads.

Still, despite the fact that someone spends for a seminar or course that presents fundamental information that you can view through basic Internet research, it does not imply that the particular seminar was a fraud.

A swindle may require to pay excessive amounts but be entirely against the law, but a scam usually includes legal misrepresentation, wrongdoing, or fraud.

One popular kind of seminar is intended to deceive clients into foolproof investments endorsed by the hosts of the seminar. Likely investors are likely on the guest list to these specific seminars through a  magazine, or in a newsprint ad, an email, a phone call,  or any other methods similar.

These courses may involve a motivational lecturer, like an expert in investment or a millionaire simply by own efforts. Some courses may produce money by requiring participation fees, selling highly expensive books or reports and selling investments and properties through coercive businesses tactics.

Real estate businesses handling the seminars may recommend participants to pursue risky investment procedures, like borrowing enormous amounts of cash, to buy toward a loan offered by the hosts of the workshop.

Some organizations have been perceived to manipulate prospective investors in viewing real estate advancements. This approach could be a strategy to urge engagement to a settlement without the opportunity to gather self-governing information or view.

Investors likely end up having to pay for their trip and accommodation if ever no investment is made.


The industry of real estate involves a huge amount of money, and it is not a surprise anymore if the industry is full of swindlers and scammers. In the end, if you do not want to be one of the many victims, it is best to consult a lawyer that attends to your concerns to ensure that every transaction is of legal procedure.

Additionally, if the offer is just too good to be true, then it is better to play it safe than taking a huge risk.

Having a Look at Some of the World’s Richest Investors

“The world creates new investors every day; some of them successful and some of them not. The proof, they say, is in the pudding.” Those are the words of a senior financial analyst at Olsson Capital. New investors can learn so much from the success and tragedies of investors past. When saying tragedies, one needs to remember that through the mistakes that other traders make, one can learn so much. This includes when to let go of a trade, when the right time is to make a trade as well as why it is important to develop trading strategies.

Let’s have a look at some of the most successful and unsuccessful investors in the world and what potential investors of the future can learn from them: 

Nick Leeson

This investor was born in 1967 and, to say the least, was a rogue trader. He caused the Barings Bank to close their doors and for that, he served 4 years in a jail in Singapore. Not letting that faze him, he later became the CEO of an Irish football association.

Steven Cohen

Steven Cohen was born in 1956. He was the creator of SAC Capital Advisors and prided himself in hedge funding and trading with equities. Although the company was charged with letting inside trading take place, he still remains one of the top investors of all time.

David Tepper

David Tepper, born in 1957, was the owner of a very successful hedge fund called Appaloosa Management. He is seen as a top-class investor and specialises in distressed debt. Many co-investors sought out his advice when it came to making difficult trades and with his help; they managed to make a success of their own trading ventures as well.

John Paulson

John was born in 1955 and was the owner of a very successful hedge fund called Paulson & Co. He made millions of dollars in 2007 when he made enough to even sell the US subprime mortgage market short.

Richard Dennis

This investor was born in 1949 and resides in Chicago. He carved a name for himself as a successful commodity trader. In the ten years of his venture as a commodity trader, he made over $200 million. To top it off, he was also part of the creating of the Turtle Trading experiment.

Paul Jones

Paul was born in 1954 and made his millions by creating yet another successful hedge fund called Tudor Investment Corporation. During the market crash of 1987, he made over $100 million from his stocks.

Jim Rogers

Jim was born in 1942 and was quite an adventurous man. While being the chairman of Roger Holdings, he was also part of the creating of the Quantum Fund. This project grew by a staggering 4200 percent over the course of 10 years and made Jim Rogers the trading man of his time.

George Soros

Mr Soros was born in 1930 and created one of the most successful hedge funds in the history of hedge funding. This fund was called Soros Fund Management and in 1992 he made himself a generous profit of $1 billion after just one sale.

There are a number of investors that also made a solid mark in the trading industry as well as changed the way trading will be done forever. With each trader that sets foot in the trading world, new ideas form, new strategies rise and new obstacles form. For new traders, it is always a huge honour to be able to learn something from another seasoned trader. By looking at the mistakes these traders made in the past, they can use it to their advantage by noting what to do differently with their own trading ventures.

From the above-mentioned successful traders, it is evident that making a profit starts with hedge funding. This, however, is not the only way of making a profit. By making traders with precision, the chances of you making a profit is much greater. If you keep making trades like these, with the occasional loss or two, you too, can become a world-famous trader and make your mark in the trading industry.

Fool-Proof Tips On Dressing For Race Events

You’ve got a day at the races ahead, but do you actually have anything to wear? If you’ve seen My Fair Lady or Pretty Woman a few times, you may have some unnecessary anxiety about race-appropriate fashion. The truth is, dressing for the races is pretty easy, and not as restrictive as you may think. Just like formal wear is less formal than it was a century ago (and even 50 years ago), so is race attire.

The rules of race style are easy to master. In fact, more than easy, they are fun — so read on! This is what you need to know about dressing for a day at the races.

As always, ladies first…

Hats and Headwear

Fool-Proof Tips On Dressing For Race Events

While huge hats are certainly synonymous with racewear, they are not always necessary. This said, quite often, some headwear is apropos. Your best bet (aside from the one you’ll make on your horse), is to check in with the venue. Dress codes vary. When choosing a hat or headpiece, go for one you love. I mean, love. After all, how often do you get to wear a stunning headpiece these days? Not very often!

Dress Code

Again, the exact formality of dress will differ from club to club, but you can rest assured you’ll be dressing a step above casual. You want to look polished and smart, and sure, you can look a little sexy, but don’t cross the line into tawdry. Your skirt should not be too short, or seran-wrap tight and neck and backlines need to be respectable. There’s nothing wrong with showing a little bit of skin, but the only flanks people should really be staring at should be on a thoroughbred.

Fool-Proof Tips On Dressing For Race Events

Save your money for the track: consider renting a dress for the day, like this Thurley dress hire.

As far patterns go, you can basically go wild. However, remember you are trying to keep it fairly refined, so pick your patterns wisely: cutesy or riskee prints (think teddy bears and bows or spandex leopard print) are fine for a night out with the girls, but shouldn’t feature at the races.


Fool-Proof Tips On Dressing For Race Events

Wearability and style are equally important at the races. Remember, you will be standing and walking — and may even be standing and walking on grass — so again, look into the venue (as well as the weather) and select equal stylish and sensible shoes. A small, thicker heel is a good choice, as are a sleek pair of ankle boots or even a sassy pair of ballet flats.

Now onto the men…

Guys, you’ve got it easy. Just dress smart. How smart? Again, this depends on the venue, so check with the dress code. Most places don’t require ties or jackets, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t appreciated and admired. Dress pants are a must, so leave the distressed jeans at home. A pressed, sleek dress shirt is also a fashion boon.

Notes on Colour

Fool-Proof Tips On Dressing For Race Events

This goes for girls and guys: don’t shy away from colour! We often steer toward ‘safe’ colours, like grey, blue and black, but the races are a time to pick up the pace. Have fun with exciting colour. Be a little cheeky and playful. A day at the races, after all, is a day of unbridled possibility, so don’t hedge your bets: slip into something bold.

Burn Injuries at Work: How Do You Claim Compensation for Burns?

Health and safety regulations are strict in the UK, and personal protective equipment (PPE) is commonly issued by many employers to keep their employees safe. But accidents still happen every year. And burns are some of the most common workplace accidents.

Being a victim of burn injuries can result in some of the most catastrophic and unimaginable consequences. Survivors of burn injuries suffer unimaginably as their scars heal, but psychological and emotional scars might remain with them the rest of their lives.

According to experts in work injury claims in Gloucester, this is when you need an experienced lawyer who understands what your family is going through. You need a lawyer who will fight aggressively to protect your rights and obtain compensation for your injuries.

Why are burn injuries at work so catastrophic?

Burn injuries at work are some of the most painful injuries a person can have and often require long-term care. Melting skin and nerve damage can leave a person injured and traumatised for life. The mental anguish and suffering of a burn is heartbreaking. Many of the burns are unsightly and require cosmetic surgery over a prolonged period of time.

If you have suffered a burn injury at your job, you should be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, designed to cover lost wages for victims who suffer injuries at work. Sometimes there is a third party involved whose negligence caused the accident. This could be the result of defective equipment, safety regulations, or an act of negligence that caused the fire or explosion. If a third party is responsible, you may be able to pursue a civil lawsuit and recover damages for your injuries.

Why do I need a lawyer if I suffered a burn injury at work?

Often, employers refuse to pay (immediately). An experienced lawyer can help you ensure all appropriate documents are filed and done so in a timely manner. They can also conduct a thorough investigation to see if a third party caused the burn. Having a lawyer will help speed up your claim so you can focus on recovery.

What type of damages can I be awarded in a third party civil lawsuit?

It is important to keep in mind that each case is different and is treated individually. However, the nature of burn injuries generally dictates extensive medical treatment. Some of the most commonly awarded damages in those types of cases include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Treatment and long-term care
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of ability to earn money
  • Compensation for disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering

The award of damages for pain and suffering is reserved for more extreme cases where negligence or bad intention can be proven. Normally it is adjudicated to prevent such actions in the future and as a form of punishment for the culprit.

What type of burn injuries can I make a claim for?

The type of injuries you suffered and the circumstances surrounding your case usually indicate where the responsibility lies. It is always better to look for an experienced lawyer and see what your options are. Some of the injuries seen most often include:

  • Smoke inhalation
  • Electric burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Thermal burns
  • Radiation burns, such as ultraviolet light or X-rays
  • Explosions due to a defect in equipment
  • Defective parts and products
  • Bad maintenance of machines or parts
  • Fire
  • Burns caused by restaurant equipment in the kitchen
  • Car accidents involving a fuel tank explosion
  • Explosions of gases as a result of a code violation
  • Scalding after exposure to hot water

There are more, but these are just some of the most common. If you have been the victim of a burn injury at work, you should seek expert legal advice immediately and establish if you can file a claim for compensation for burns because of a workplace accident.

You Wish to Sell Your House?

Selling your home is a pretty daunting task no matter where you live. It takes a tactful mind, a person who has insightful industry know-how, time and a huge amount of patience. Going in prepared with a bit of homework will definitely help speed up the process.

Read more

Work For Yourself

When it comes to working, it’s a mixed bag. While we all feel compelled to do something meaningful, it can quickly become abstracted by the inner workings of modern capitalism. However, when we do work that fulfills that need to do something meaningful, it benefits us on a spiritual level. This is why so many of us fall in line and want to be rock stars and otherwise pursue fame. We see that person, that creator, and we internalize that as the ideal job as a result. However, this is not necessarily the case, but it serves as a good analogy. We often encourage young people to give up on their dreams for practical reasons, and that’s a shame. My dad, when I was growing up, offered me more of a compromise. Work on what you love, but work for a paycheck. This, and a number of other factors led me down a road of mostly just working for a paycheck and, by my own struggles with mental illness, letting my dreams fall to the wayside.

However, recently, I’ve have a second wind of sorts, and I’m currently drawing more and finally writing a novel. The thing about following your dreams, within the framework of maintaining a living wage, is that it follows Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to a tee. You prioritize the more important needs like food (work) and save self actualization (accomplishing your personal goals) for when everything else is taken care of. However, putting your dreams on hold entirely only increases the odds that you’ll be without the skills necessary to jump back in when the time comes, and you may abandon it soon thereafter due to frustration. This is why you should, instead, strive to make more of your leisure time “work” on your hobby of choice so that you can develop that skill without taking away from your ability to provide for yourself.

So, my advice to anyone and everyone is to do just that: work on both making and saving money and developing the skills of your hobby in order to more easily fulfill your dreams once you can afford to invest more time and energy into it. As such, I also recommend taking certain steps that, of course, vary from hobby to hobby, from dream to dream, to ensure some manner of success moving forward. For example, if you want to run a website, grab a domain name from Namecheap sooner, rather than later, and work toward building it gradually. In my case, as an aspiring novelist, my advice to my past self would be simply to write as much as you can without worrying too much about quality. That way, you have that foundation to build off of later and can write your perfect novel gradually while you focus on survival.

Basic Concepts For Reducing Fuel Consumption

Fuel cost can be really high and it is important for us to know how to manage this situation. Although the new boom of shale oil production in the United States have pushed the oil price down, fuel costs can still represent major expenses in our daily lives. There are basic concepts on how to reduce fuel costs, such as limiting the driving duration, finding the most affordable gas and improving the fuel efficiency of our car. By combining these factors, we should be able to significantly reduce the amount of gas that we use. As long as we are able to improve those three factors, our car engine doesn’t car about the type of fuel we use.

We should be aware that higher octane rating doesn’t provide us with higher fuel efficiency. If our car needs to use higher octane rating, the engine will simply run smoothly without knocking or premature detonation inside the cylinders. There are smartphone apps that can help us to find the lowest possible gas price in the area. Using the GPS technology, we should be able to find the location of the gas station. In this case, we should plan ahead about when we should purchase the gas. As an example, when the gas tank is nearly empty, we may not be near the most recommended station.

Another thing that we should do is to drive less than usual. It is an obvious thing to do, but many people may overlook that. It’s clear that we won’t be able to cut out the driving completely, but we should be aware that in some cases we don’t really need to drive. If we plan to do something, it’s a good idea to combine multiple errands into a single trip. For shorter trips, we may use bicycle, public transportation or just walk. It is also a good idea to carpool with neighbours and friends, especially if they go to the same direction with us. It is possible to cut the whole costs of the monthly car trips in half using carpooling.

The next thing to do is to make our cars much more efficient. In some cases, it is quite easy to do. Just check the trunk and find any excess load that can be removed. It is estimated that the efficiency of our car can be reduced by 2 percent if there’s an extra 100 pounds of load inside the car. We should avoid speeding up on the freeway and there’s a sweet spot that provides a good balance between speed and fuel efficiency. In general, fuel efficiency can be reduced if we drive faster than 60 MPH. We should avoid accelerating and stopping the car too fast. Coasting the car is a good way to save fuel, try to let the car to slow down by itself without stepping on the brake too soon. Filter should be replaced regularly, because any blockage in the fuel and air filters will reduce the overall fuel efficiency.

Things We Should Know About Gift Cards

In the United States alone, billions dollars worth of gift cards are distributed each year. It is important to be aware that many of these gift cards remain unredeemed when they expired. Given the existing market size, the total value of these expired gift cards can be quite immense. Many of us have received such card and it is important for us to use any of these cards at the earliest possible opportunity. In fact, retail stores know that not all of these cards are redeemed, so they are confident about releasing more cards to the market. There’s a reason why stores tend to distribute gift cards, that is to increase the overall sales. It is quite unlikely that people will spend to the exact amount of the gift cards. It is possible that they will spend much more. Gift cards also bring people to the merchants and if people like the products offered, they may return in the future. If more and more people come after the distribution of the gift cards, we could say that these cards are really the merchant’s best ally in the marketing sense.

However, it is better for consumers to consider that gift cards are supposed to be their best ally. It means that buyers should know how to use gift cards properly. When using gift cards, we should be aware of our expectations. The rules of using gift cards can depend on the merchants, so we may find that each gift card has a set of rules. So, it is important for us to read the fine prints to make sure that these cards could genuinely provide us with benefits. As an example, gift cards are not really gift cards, if we are required to spend an amount of money, before the cards can be used. In this situation, it should be called discount cards, instead of gift cards. We should make sure that we won’t be greeted rudely by all sorts of unexpected conditions and extra fees. It is important for consumers to know about their rights and what they should do to use their gift cards. In this case, we should do this at the earliest possible time, so we won’t forget that we have the card. We shouldn’t waste our opportunity whenever possible.

Some people are blessed with so much gift cards throughout the year and it is important for them to log any gift card that they have. The logbook should include all the important information about the gift card. All cards should be placed in the safe spot to make sure that no one will obtain the information about the card. This will also make sure that we will not waste the gift card due to expiration and other factors. It is important that we don’t neglect the gift card, because it is the same with wasting money. In fact, the time when we should redeem the credit card can be considered as an appointment.