6 Benefits of Having a Digital Receptionist

With the use of a digital receptionist software such as Greetly, visitor registration and issuance of visitor badges can now be automated. A human front desk assistant is no longer necessary. If you are not yet convinced that a digital receptionist will be good for the business, keep on reading as we list down some of its most significant benefits.

  1. Save Money

Amongst the many cost-cutting measures that can be implemented in an office, one of the most promising would be using a digital receptionist as a replacement to a human receptionist. In the long-run, you will be able to save a lot of money since you no longer need to employ a full-time employee just so there will be someone to be on the front desk.

  1. Improve Availability

With a digital receptionist, availability will not be an issue. This means that there will always be someone available at the front desk to handle the arrival of guests. To add, depending on the scope of the software, it is also possible to set up an automatic answering feature, making sure that no calls will be missed, even during outside of office hours.

  1. Speed Up the Process

Using a visitor registration software like is also beneficial in terms of making sure that visitors won’t have to wait for a long time. One of the reasons for this is because they can already pre-register beforehand. To add, because the process is automated, it will be significantly quicker compared to signing in a logbook.

  1. Instant Notifications

After a visitor logs in through the software, the contact person will be immediately notified. This can be done in the form of voice, text, or email. Therefore, if you are the person to be visited, you will already know that there is someone in the lobby waiting for you. This gives you the time to prepare and to manage your own schedule.

  1. Customization

This is one thing that will depend on your personal choice of a digital receptionist to use in the front office. Generally, however, it offers a high degree of customization. You can have it personalized based on the interface that visitors will find easy to use. You can also customize the visitor badges to help identify the guests who are present in the office.

  1. Ease of Use

Again, this will be dependent on the software that you will be using. However, it would be safe to say that digital receptionists are easy to set up. Often, they might take only about ten minutes to get ready. Even the users of the system – your office visitors – will not have a hard time figuring out how the system works as there is a user-friendly interface.

Now that we have tackled the benefits of having a digital receptionist, there is no excuse to not have one! It is one of the technologies that can significantly improve the front office and provide guests with a better experience.

3 Year Cosmetic Surgery Business Plan

Becoming a doctor or cosmetic surgery is one of the hardest things to master, and while your educational history will train you to work under pressure, with skill and knowledge to help every choice, it doesn’t help your business acumen.


It can become a worry when you open the doors to a new surgery business, and there are a significant amount of empty beds and a lack of consultations. Sadly, being the best in your trade isn’t always enough to fill the books with enquiries and creating a business plan is a necessity. To give you a brief idea on what your plan needs to consist of, here’s a look at three years and what changes you need to make.


Year One: Build

The first few months will be the toughest, and it’s about creating trust with clients and potential partners. You’ll always need to ask patients if they are comfortable showcasing your work, which isn’t always the easiest task for a breast augmentation Manchester surgery as some people won’t be comfortable with being on the website or in a portfolio.


Advertising is the other option and if you find that you don’t have a rich portfolio yet, the digital market might be the breast approach. Building your website up on google searches and paying for social media ads prove to be the most effective as you can target people interested in cosmetic surgery. Having a billboard or a magazine section might work for big companies, but the ad can be wasted of people who aren’t interested at all.


Year Two: Develop

If you’ve gained traction and had people in the door for consultations and operations, you can begin to offer referral discounts and spread through word of mouth. You want your clients to go out and praise the work you’ve done, as when it comes to something as expensive or personal as surgery, a friends recommendation can’t be bought.


Consider adding extra services to your business, if you specialise in certain aspects of cosmetic surgery, through training or hiring new staff you can add new specialities to your practice, which in turn will attract additional clients and possible return business.


Year Three: Branch Out

While the first two years of the plan will be locally based, branching out around the country can work well for surgery practices. Plastic surgery is something a person would travel across the country for in order to receive the best service, so if you find your expansion needs a next level this is the way to go. Just be sure that you can control any influx of inquiries that can come from going nationwide.


A business plan is never set in stone, and you might find that the second part of your plan doesn’t take exactly a year, it’s best to use this as a guideline to give you a positive direction to strive for.



Amelia Morgan is a freelance writer with a current interest in surgery and it’s impacts before and after of a patient and is based locally to a cosmetic surgery Manchester practice. Amelia also enjoys blogging about the latest fashion trends and current news.

4 Golden Rules to Choosing the Right Online Business Opportunity

When deciding to start an online business, it’s important to have the right idea, and no matter how brilliant this idea is, keep in mind that it wouldn’t work without patience and a proper plan. Establishing an online business will require you to mount real dedication of time and effort, let alone the requirement of money.

If you are wondering how to choose the right online business opportunity, then you have come to the right place. Here are the four golden rules to finding one. Make sure to keep them all in mind!

#1. What Is Your Start-Up Investment?  

By now you already know that every business needs investments, not only money but also time. You must ask yourself how much you’re willing to move forward with for the overall start-up costs. This is where you need to determine how much money you can utilize and invest in your business.

However, you must find the balance – Just because you are starting a business it does not mean you have to skip meals and stop paying bills. Sure, a business cannot grow if it doesn’t have the money to start. However, it is never a good idea to put all eggs in one basket.

#2. What Kind Of Support or Training Is Available? 

This one here is important. Remember that as a new online business owner, you must have resources to learn all ups and downs. It also gives you the ability to enhance your general business skills. It also gives you the ability to enhance your general business skills. There is nothing wrong about enrolling in classes or constantly looking for support. Doing any of these does not mean you are incapable of running your online business.

For instance, you want to have knowledge about various online marketing platforms. In one way or another, you chanced upon the banner advertising platform You firmly believe that this could help your business in some ways. Obviously, you need to learn all about it first, and that’s exactly how you should take things further.         

#3. Do You Think Compensation Can Wait?

At the end of the day, your business – no matter how small or big it is – will have to make money. It’s crucial that you understand how money affects your online business’s primary stage. Ask yourself this: “Am I willing to see the fruits of my labor or am I just after for the quick financial reward?”

Regardless of your answer, the key is to always set realistic goals. If you think your budget is going to prevent you from achieving measurable returns, then perhaps it is not the best time to start your venture. Pull back for now and plan your next move.

#4. Do You Believe In Your Online Business?

Let’s say you are leaning towards a product-oriented business. Do you actually like the products you are selling? Do you believe your products are of high-quality? If you think otherwise, then there is no sense moving forward. If you do not believe in your business, no one else will. The same thing can be said for service-oriented business. You must believe in the services you’re offering and that it could benefit others.

Working Trip to Los Angeles: 3 Luxury Hotels for Businessmen

Los Angeles is a great destination for an unforgettable vacation. However, this city is a place of concentration of many multinational companies, which entails an influx of tourists coming there for business needs. If you are one of them, then it’s probably very important for you to choose a very good hotel, so that you cannot only have a good rest after an exhausting flight, but also make your business trip as effective as possible. Since the variety of hotels in Los Angeles is just huge, the following list of the best accommodation options for business will help you make the only right choice…

Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Beverly Wilshire is one of the most elite hotels in the city, and it’s also very popular among businessmen. The hotel is located in Beverly Hills area, and you need about 15 minutes to reach it from the airport by luxury car rental in Los Angeles.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel

It was built in 1928 on the site of Beverly Hills Speedway, when only 18 thousand people lived in the city. The hotel building is decorated in Italian Renaissance style and has the correct E-shape, while the decoration is made of Carrara marble and Tuscan stone.

Over the years, the hotel was rebuilt several times and updated. Since 1992, it has been the ownership of Four Seasons Resorts. Today, about 400 suites of Beverly Wilshire Hotel provide all hotel guests with incredibly comfortable conditions. In addition, the hotel features a well-known Cut restaurant, which serves excellent steaks and seafood. There’s a rich collection of more than 1,000 wines from around the world that can be ordered in Blvd Restaurant. A wonderful café by the pool is also a great spot to dine.

The luxurious interior is designed in a tranquil Mediterranean style. All guests are offered a Rolls-Royce car for trips around the city, as well as a full range of services for the most demanding customers.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel Los Angeles USA


The rooms at the 5-star Beverly Wilshire are quite spacious and are divided into zones – a living room and a bedroom, as well as the possibility of not only relaxing, but also living and working. There are large family rooms and special offers for honeymooners.

Lodgers note a stunning view of the city available directly from the balcony, and amenities in the suites of Beverly Wilshire Hotel provide guests with the highest level of comfort. All necessary appliances include air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, a laptop docking station, a coffee maker, and a mini bar.

Hotel Bel-Air

The luxurious Bel-Air is one of the 10 best hotels in the world managed by the Dorchester Collection. The hotel offers a choice of 103 luxurious suites. The old-Hollywood style is the main feature of Bel-Air hotel, and it’s also known for its spacious gardens in one of the most expensive and prestigious areas of Los Angeles called Bel-Air Estates.

Feel like a Fresh Prince at the Hotel Bel-Air! #Suiteness #LosAngeles Suiteness is now live in Los Angeles with 34 of the best hotels in LA. Book your next suite stay though today!

(photo by

The refined design of Bel-Air combines the Spanish colonial style, as well as the elegant forms of the French deco, which said the last words in the fashion for all times. As a result, the hotel has turned out its own unique style, which is quite young, fresh and chic. Stone floors of limestone and polished marble, smooth walls of plaster of light colors, natural wooden ceilings, rich finishes and furniture with bold strokes and texture create an incredible and quite memorable style that complements the glorious atmosphere of the garden.

Hotel Bel-Air is a suitable option for a wedding ceremony, which is held on the shore of a beautiful lake with swans. If you wish, you can organize a large banquet or business event up to 300 persons.

The Beverly Hills Hotel

This is another very popular place for businessmen in Los Angeles. It’s built in the Mediterranean-style and became famous throughout the world due to the fact that Hollywood actors and celebrities constantly lived there.

Beverly Hills Hotel

(photo by Thomas Guiset)

Nowadays, this hotel is located in a rather secluded place not far from the main attractions of Los Angeles and without exaggeration it’s considered to be one of the most beautiful.

It’s interesting to know that the most famous Los Angeles’ restaurant called Polo Lounge is located on site and has been the main meeting place for businessmen and famous people for many years.

The hotel features 208 luxurious rooms in the main building and 23 bungalows in a landscape garden area. In fact, each suite is decorated in peach-pink and green tones. These colors are still a distinctive feature of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The Beverly Hills Hotel

All rooms at the five-star Beverly Hills Hotel are bright and elegant, and the amenities include all the necessary appliances, including a minibar, 2 TVs, a coffee maker, and a spacious marble bathroom.

Guests emphasize the excellent location and atmosphere of this legendary place, as well as the opportunity to meet the celebrities in the best restaurant in Los Angeles.

Those business travelers, who want to stay at this hotel, should keep in mind that the best rooms in it are booked strongly in advance, as it’s incredibly popular among the visitors to the city.

How to Optimise Your E-Commerce Retargeting Ads

Did you know that more than 80% of your website visitors will not convert? Being able to get these visitors to return to your website is where retargeting comes in. Remarketing campaigns are some of the most highly efficient and cost-effective campaigns to run, and by targeting existing visitors and customers, you already have an audience filled with engaged shoppers who are more likely to purchase.


Retargeting can also be used to reach those who didn’t open your email or those who have shown a special interest in your product or services but have not yet purchased. To make sure you make the most from your retargeting ads, here are some useful tips.


Invest Time

By investing time into your setup, you’re more likely to see results. It’s worth taking time to import your products, set up some custom groups and start implementing any customer conversions that you want to use within your retargeting. The more detailed you make your setup, the more options you’ll have to play with when it comes to targeting.


Target Market

E-commerce brands can select the right audience to see their retargeting banners. If a customer has ordered a week ago it’s unlikely they will order again in a short space of time (unless you have a new sale on). Selecting customers who haven’t shopped in a long period, people who viewed the site and didn’t order or looking at customers who shopped for a certain range can help narrow your audience down. This way, the banners aren’t viewed by people who won’t take advantage. With the advancements in Android and IOS app development, you are also able to see who has viewed the website on different devices and the software they are using.


Upsell to your Engaged Visitors

Targeting your more engaged customers with upselling ads is a great way to increase customer lifetime value. By upselling with ads, you’re able to target customers based solely on their shopping behaviour. For example, if you are a retailer selling food and drink products, upselling similar meals or drinks based on what your customer has already purchased works well.


Recover Those Abandoned Carts

Upselling is great for serving Facebook Ads to existing customers, but what if some aren’t quite ready to convert? Abandoned cart ads are a must for recovering customers. You may be already sending out abandoned cart emails, but by taking a multi-channel approach you’re able to give shoppers another touch point for them to interact with you and your brand.


Rewards for VIPs

Your remarketing ads don’t have to be just about encouraging your first-time customers. Start off by identifying your VIP customers, and reward them with exclusive offers, single-use discounts and early access to sales. It makes sense to not only look for new customers, but to look after returning customers too, and this is easy to do with retargeting ads.


If planned and executed well, retargeting ads can be an extremely cost-effective way of gaining additional revenue for your business. Don’t forget to plan your campaigns carefully, and make sure to combine them with a traffic generation strategy to make the most out of your ads.

3 Scientifically Proven Arguments You Can Use To Negotiate Less Working Hours with Your Boss

Do you often end up keeping yourself busy at the end of the workday simply because all the work has been done? You need to stay till the end and complete your shift though instead of getting home earlier and being productive there or spending time with your family.

But what if that’s not the most effective way to spend your time as an employee?

1. Working longer hours doesn’t make employees efficient.

If your boss is a bit old-fashioned, chances are he or she doesn’t follow current trends in your field or check out research on employee performance, health and productivity.

Because if they did, they’d find out what longer hours spent in the office actually ruin performance.

The very first thing your boss needs to know in order to let you work less is to understand that the number of hours you spend working isn’t actually related to the amount of work you’ll get done.

It’s a universal rule. You can get everything done for the time given to you, doesn’t matter if it’s work, study better or accomplishing your daily activities.

Your boss might find it interesting that the workday in Sweden is 6 hours and the benefits of that are plenty. The country is also among those with the highest quality of life, so they must know what they are doing.

The 6-hour workday idea is not new, it just hasn’t been adopted everywhere. It’s based on Parkinson’s Law, which states that “work expands to fill the time available for its completion”.

Being given fewer hours to complete your tasks also gives you a certain type of pressure that makes you more efficient and helps you be more productive.

2. Overworking is bad for your health.

We’re all tired at the end of the workday. And yet, we need to stay till the last minute and do some work, then go home and do this all over again the next day. A lifestyle like that leads to experiencing burnout and the consequences can be quite bad.

Such exhaustion (both mental and physical) can result in accidents, making mistakes at work, sleep problems, health issues, and having to take some time off work.

All of this will then require you to deal with the consequences for a long time before you get back on track. Both your company and your family are going to suffer because of this.

3. Shorter working day improves employee well-being.

When employees are given enough downtime, they can relax and leave their problems behind, do things they enjoy and spend time with loved ones.

That also leads to increased job satisfaction and can actually attract better workers to the company.

Let your boss know that you would come energized at work after you’ve left earlier the previous day. All this affects your health and levels of happiness, and no one wants sick, tired or miserable employees at the office.

25.7 million hours have been lost due to ill or stressed workers. Maybe that can make your employer consider if his company too isn’t wasting precious time because of this, or whether the employees aren’t having stress-related issues or simply less time to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Good luck in taking care of your work-life balance!

Want to Start Small Business? Here Are TOP 7 Useful Tips HOW!

If you want to start your business, you should think of getting some advices first. There are so many helpful advices on the web that it can be rather confusing to decide what is what. Some people think that the business must be comfortable for clients. It’s like when you want to use a rental car and make just one click for it. It is very comfortable, isn’t it? Others think that the main focus point is income, meaning that all is fair in business and war. There is no a special formula or a perfect combination to start your small business. But you can read this in order to learn more about how to start and develop your small business.

Note Book Writing - Credit to
  1. Be Brave

There are many people who want to start their business, but they will never do that. Why? People just believe they cannot be successful businessmen. It is really scaring to be the boss of your own. You are responsible for what you are doing. You can lose everything or succeed in something. It’s natural! But if you really want to build up something creative you shouldn’t look for the reasons and excuses not to do, but throw them away. It is the right time to start!

  1. Be Absorbing

Look and listen attentively. Your family members, friends, experts will give you advices. Just remember them all. It can be helpful in future. Every time you share your business ideas with friends ask their opinion about it. You need more thoughts and solutions. Talking to experts, don’t ignore their positive or negative feedbacks. It is better to learn from the mistakes of others.

Consuling Freelancer Meeting Business Conversation
  1. Be Reasonable

If you have a crazy idea to start something, try to think first about Why do you need it? What can you solve with your project? What do you want? It’s not a problem to make or even buy a ready-to-use customer base and use it on your own. But if you do realize the reasons and aims of your business, it can help to make your brand successful. Learn first. Learn the business rules, customers, experience, typical problems that other business leaders have already faced.

  1. Be simple

If you have a business idea and you are ready to work with it right now, be careful and don’t make your concept complex and irrational. It often happens that you are happy to have such a good idea and you want to improve it more and more. Thus, you can make a product that will be exclusive and expensive that nobody wants to buy it. Just be simple and try to focus on what you really want. Go and find what the modern customer needs. You are going to build up a small business, so, don’t put the sky-high goals.

Stock Photography - Canadian Coins


  1. Be Smart

As far as you start to develop your business project, you have to count How much is it? Try to consider all expenses that you need to take for your project growth and development. Don’t forget about the office rent, transportation, marketing, delivery, advertising, and other important things. Do you have a figure? So, take it and double it and then double again. There is always must be enough space for extra money. Anyway, it is better to think beforehand. What is more, you should always remember about your personal budget. Count, how much money you need for living, including rent fee, food, health. Everything must be taken into account.

Calculating Taxes Up And Down


  1. Be Inventive

Starting your own business, don’t expect it to be successful in a day. It takes time to get some profit. Developing business is a constant time taking process that needs many efforts, special plan, business strategy and expenses. There is only one possible way to overcome, just work on your business or hire professionals to help you work on it.

  1. Be Informative

This is a typical mistake for all who start their small business. They have a plan, budget, creative ideas, professional team but they don’t know how to sell their goods and services. It can be really hard when you are a newcomer in this sphere. If you do worry about your business make it popular. You have to give people information about what you have and whey they need it. Pick the right strategy, be public and informative. Don’t worry if you are not a professional speaker and don’t have special preparation. Just speak and let them know!

Finally, developing business is like driving a car. You have to control everything and help it moving on and on, choosing the right route and picking up good passengers on your way. Don’t waste your time for hesitations. Don’t try to find more rules and formulas. There is no one to develop your business better than you. Go straight! Call for meeting in the nearest restaurant and share your ideas.

Get Your Business Loan Application Approved with Bad Credit

Contrary to what you may think, you are still able to get a business loan even if you have a bad credit. The choices for applying will be limited, but still, you will be able to access a number of lenders. This is possible since these lenders don’t only observe your credit history, but also review other aspects of your business.

Revenue, operating history, potential, and other parameters are what these lenders take into consideration when reviewing your loan application. A bad credit score implies that you weren’t so good at managing your finances in the past or you are a young business. But the economy is constantly changing and so does these rules, which means that there are lenders who are willing to give you loans.

Check your business credit score

To check the status of your business credit score and correct any possible mistakes within this data, use the credit bureau. Inaccuracy tends to happen and if not caught in time, it can negatively affect your overall credit score. There are also companies that can do this for you by reviewing the reports and comparing them with the collected data.

If you plan to take the loan in the future, knowing your current credit score will help you improve it. Also, it will give you an insight into the options you have at our disposal for getting a loan and type of lenders.

Prepare your documents

Although the needed documentation will vary from lender to lender, there are some basic documents you should acquire before applying for a loan. This will include your bank statements – personal and business, net income, general business information, information about your clients, partners and customers.

It would also help to have recommendations and testimonials from the individuals or companies that worked with you or used your services. Not all lenders will include these officially in their decision, but it will give them a more clear picture of you as part of the community.

Consider microloans

If you are a start-up or fall under the specific group of businesses, then you can apply for the microloan. These loans are specifically designed to help thriving businesses from the disadvantaged areas or rural regions. They come from non-profit organizations and have no interest rate, but in turn, these loans are small usually $50,000 or less.

A home equity line of credit

A home equity line of credit is a high-risk option that is intended for business owners who also own a house. Basically, this means that you will use your house as collateral for a bank loan which can sometimes be quite unfavorable.

The market changes and you may get into financial trouble before you pay off your whole loan. In this case, if you don’t pay your installments in time the bank can take your house and sell it to cover your debt. Consider this type of loan only as the last resort and when everything else fails.

Seek investors

Finding investors is one of the options you can use when you have a bad credit score. They may also require to review your financial records and credit score, but are more likely to give you the funds you need. However, keep in mind that investors may have their own conditions which sometimes may not be appropriate for your business.

If this is the case, ask family and friends to give you a loan and thus become investors in your business. Additionally, prepare your offer for the future investors that will be agreeable for all parties involved. This way you will be ready to negotiate the terms of their investment and improve your business plan.

If you are a young business

Being a start-up business with barely a year of revenue behind you is going to make it hard for you to get a loan, regardless of bad credit. You can use startup financing options which are specifically designed for young entrepreneurs. Another option is getting business credit cards which will allow you to borrow a certain amount of funds but based on your personal credit score.

However, from then on, you should pay close attention to how you manage your finances in order to create a good credit score. Use the credit cards responsibly and organize your budget beforehand, so that you can leave a positive impression on your future lenders.

Research the lenders

Before you start applying all around, take into consideration that preparing documentation will be an expense. Instead of wasting your money, do some research and assess the potential lenders you can ask for a loan even though you have a bad credit score. Family owned lender companies like EFT finance businesses based on their comprehensive performance on the market, and not only their credit.

Traditional bank loan

When it comes to banks, your options may be quite limited for a loan although not impossible even with a bad credit score. But the conditions for the loan will be a little bit different for you and that is something you should ask about before applying. Namely, the interest rate may be higher and you will have to provide more collateral then businesses with good credit score.

To make sure that this is not something that will get you into financial trouble, calculate all fees and costs. Add this figure to the borrowed sum and you will calculate your monthly payments and overall value of the loan. However, keep in mind right from the start that your fees may be higher and the payment period shorter.

In the end

When it comes to loans of any type, it’s important not to rush into them without knowing all the facts. Even businesses with bad credit scores can apply for loans under slightly different conditions and requirements. Before you decide on the lender, do your research and examine all the offers available for you in order to make the best possible choice.

In the end, it’s important to find the solution that won’t affect your business negatively or get you into financial troubles.

Office Needs: 5 Hotels for Businessmen in Miami

Everyone who has ever had a business trip knows how difficult it’s to find a hotel where comfortable conditions for high-quality performance of office duties outside the office will be provided. After all, a business trip is not a vacation, and business is developing today so that most companies require their employees to stay in touch 24 hours a day.

Therefore, for a business tourist, the hotel becomes not a “home away from home”, but an “office away from the office”. This means that the room should be equipped with a convenient desk, good lighting, high-quality mobile communications and Internet, office supplies, wires and adapters, as well as the ability to quickly scan and send documents.

Well, if having a business trip to Miami, you don’t need to worry where to stay, because we have already prepared 5 outstanding options for your business needs. After arriving at the airport, just rent a car in Miami, and head to the following hotels…

Trump International Beach Resort


This hotel is truly a sample of luxury and wealth! The location in the area of ​​Sunny Isles Beach allows you to quickly visit the fashion boutiques in Bal Harbor or the famous nightclubs in Art Deco Historic District.

The hotel features 390 rooms: each one is equipped with an air conditioner, 42-inch plasma TV, wireless phone and internet, home appliances, mini-bar, hairdryer, necessary bathroom accessories, and bathrobes.

Trump Resort

·        The internal area of ​​the rooms: 42-151 square meters.

·        The capacity of the rooms: 2-8 persons.

·        The price of rooms: from $160/day.

On the territory of the hotel visitors can use the services of the doorman, beauty salon, and dry cleaning. Also, there is an opportunity to visit the restaurant overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, a swimming pool with Jacuzzi, a spa with six offices and a wide range of additional services. Of course, there’s a business center with several separate offices.

Address: 18001 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach

One Bal Harbour Resort & SPA

It can rightly be called one of the best business-hotels in Miami! Location in the elite area of ​​Bal Harbor allows you to admire the ocean landscape, and the international airport is situated very closely to it.

There are 124 rooms, each of which is equipped with a spacious terrace, kitchen with coffee maker, desk, TV-set, CD/DVD player, wireless Internet, telephones, minibar, hairdryer. The rooms are cleaned daily.

St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort Waterfront | 130505-9048-jikatu

·        The internal area of ​​the rooms: 47-260 square meters.

·        The capacity of the rooms: 2-4 persons.

·        The price of rooms: from $362/day.

At the hotel guests can take advantage of the services of the doorman and dry cleaning, rent sunbeds and umbrellas, order a limousine or use a business center. Also, there is an opportunity to visit an American restaurant, a gym, a heated pool, a spa, and a tennis court. The big benefit of this hotel is that there are all conditions for comfortable rest for people with disabilities.

Address: 10295 Collins Ave, Bal Harbour

Acqualina Resort & SPA

The hotel is located on the waterfront, and has been operating since 2006. It provides 53 rooms and 43 suites. The rooms are equipped with a working desk, TV and CD player, mini-bar, air conditioner, hairdryer, bathroom accessories, bathrobes, blanket and pillows.

Acqualina Resort & Spa on the Beach

(photo by Cole Borg Florida)

·        The internal area of ​​the rooms: 56-220 square meters.

·        The capacity of the rooms: 2-6 persons.

·        The price of rooms: from $550/day.

The visitors of Acqualina Resort & SPA have an opportunity to visit local restaurants, souvenir shops, enjoy various excursions, and use a business center. A spa with a wide range of services, a gym, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a beach club are also at your disposal.

Address: 17875 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach

Mandarin Oriental

The hotel is located on Brickell Key, near the international airport and South Beach. There are 327 rooms equipped with comfortable furnishing, balcony, TV and music center, mini-bar, hairdryer, telephone, internet, bath and shower, bathrobes and slippers. A modern business center will be a nice option for businessmen.

Mandarin Oriental

·        The internal area of ​​the rooms: 36-220 square meters.

·        The capacity of the rooms: 2-7 persons.

·        The price of rooms: from $239/day.

Guests can use car rental service or a large conference room. Also, there is an opportunity to visit a cafe, bar, gym, swimming pool, spa, and sauna. Atlantic Ocean and attentive hotel staff will create a real fabulous paradise for holidaymakers.

Address: 500 Brickell Key Dr, Miami

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

This hotel is more than 50 years old and it hosted many presidents. It’s located on Collins Avenue, near South Beach and the International Airport.

Its 1504 rooms feature a balcony, an air conditioner, a TV-set and a music center, a 20-inch iMac computer, internet, minibar, hairdryer, and a bathroom.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel Morris Lapidus 1954

·        The internal area of ​​the rooms: 28-387 square meters.

·        The capacity of the rooms: 2-10 persons.

·        The price of rooms: from $259/day.

On the large territory of the hotel lodgers can use the services of a doorman, parking, dry cleaning, currency exchange, and an interpreter. Also, there are several restaurants and cafes, a business center, shops, swimming pools, a gym with modern fitness equipment, a beauty salon, a spa with a wide range of services, and a Turkish bath. The fans of outdoor activities will be able to play golf or tennis, go to a nightclub, enjoy water skiing, and fishing. Summing it up, the amazing design and first-class service of this hotel won’t leave anyone indifferent!

Address: 4441 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

Why Do We Need IFSC Finder and How Can We Find It Online?

You must have seen Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) on your cheques and the chances are that you must have used it as well. This code is used for online money transfer and is initially required to add account payee.  

When you want to transfer money via Netbanking, you have to add a payee. For this, you need the concerned person’s account number and bank’s IFSC code. This code varies from one account to another but is same for similar branch. With the help of a IFSC finder, you can get the code of any bank and branch.

Where can you find IFSC code?

The code is given on the top left of the cheque. It is given below the account number and along with customer ID. If you do not have a cheque but want to transfer money, you can get it online as well. There are many IFSC code finder available online which tell you the code on the basis of bank name and branch.

What is the difference between IFSC Code and MICR Code?

Sometimes it gets confusing what is the difference between an IFSC code and MICR code. Even though they appear different, some people do not understand the difference. The overview of features of these two that make them different is given here:

  • IFSC usually helps in online fund transfer in case of online transactions from one party to another, whereas MICR helps in the correct and safe process of cheque payments.
  • IFSC contains 11 characters that are made up of alphabets and numerals, whereas MICR contains 9 characters – all digits.
  • Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Code has been in existence in the banking sector for quite some time now, whereas Indian Financial System Code is a relatively new concept which was introduced only when NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) and RGTS (Real Time Gross Settlement) came into the scene.

What is the importance of IFSC Code?

The Reserve Bank of India controls all banking affairs in India and is the single authority to issue IFSC codes to its associate banks. The record keeping of such issued IFSC codes is also taken up by RBI.

How can you search bank by IFSC code?

There are n number of IFSC code finders online. You can pick any of these and check for the bank. Below are the details that you need to fill in the code finder:

  • Name of the bank
  • State
  • District
  • Branch

Can you search IFSC code by account number?

Yes, you can. When you transfer money via Netbanking, you have to add a payee. While doing that, you have to add the bank account in which you want to transfer the money. The details required are: bank account number, IFSC code and address. But, if you do not know the bank IFSC code, you can get it through bank account number and branch name. You can mention these two and then get the code instantly. You can then cross check the details and proceed towards payment.

Chocolate Business in China, how it works

The study of China’s Chocolate Marketplace 2017 enables universal key and China’s chocolate market globally. The capacity of this sector has been investigated with the emerging trends. The future prospects of current market scenario and sector have also been read. This report includes profiles of key players, including Nessale SA, Marcus Foods, Ferrero Rocher, Heissey Company, Mondelez International Inc. and Jiangsu Longfen Food Group. The report includes the latest opinion of industry experts.

Global demand for chocolate is now being said to restore maintenance and key suppliers such as Berry Calabot, now in the major markets around the world. Hopefully, by 2020, the United States may be the largest consumers of chocolate after the United States. The economic situation of Brazil and Russia has failed to prevent chocolate market growth among the BRAC countries, while India and China countries have the highest chocolate market growth during the 2015-2020 period.

It is expected that the global chocolate market will grow at around 5% of CAGR by 2020. With the innovation of product packaging, new flavors will be trendy in the future. Custom and luxury chocolate classes have the potential to develop in the world. People have an increasing population for craft chocolate and start very early in the chocolate making art. The popularity of premium chocolates has increased in the US and Brazil. While global obesity and health concerns are a challenge to the development of the sector, awareness is also increasing on the benefits of black chocolate. Players have also introduced low sugar and sugar cream chocolate.

One of the challenges facing the market is that Chinese customers do not trust homes due to food safety issues. They have foreign chocolate brands, Chinese chocolates are controlled by European brands near 70%. Apart from food security concerns, the poor performance of local chocolate brands can mainly be attributed to poor marketing efforts.

But now the young generation of youth is emerging very well. In the 1.3 billion people’s land, it has a global impact on the globe because chocolate manufacturers try to get a piece of the action.

It’s not just a chocolate that is water. The potential return on the offer is also very tasty.

According to market research firm Aberone, the market for chocolate in China will reach $ 40 billion (US $ 6.2 billion) by 2020.

Predictively predicting Chinese translates into cholesterol consumption in Mainland almost twice. Chocolate sales in the world’s most populous country were valued at $ 20 billion in 2015.

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Five Key Elements for Brand Development

The development of the brand begins with the decision of which the most appropriate identity for you and/or your company. You need to establish how to mark the identity you have chosen in a way that is effective and in alignment with what you do. The best approach is to develop a series of brand strategies that will make your efforts more effective and your coverage more extensive.

Your focus will be to make sure your brand identity efforts are consistent and as repetitive as possible. No matter how unique your strategies are if they are not consistently reinforced, they will do you little good.

  1. Expand the exhibition:  The greater the repetition, the deeper the saturation of the market. This obviously leads to more exposure as your efforts begin to reach more areas of the internet. Just as when a bucket of water is filled, the more it is put in the bucket, the fuller it becomes and the same goes for the repetitive efforts of brand identity.


  1. Additional curiosity: If people see your image or brand often enough, it is quite common for their own curiosity to force them to seek more information about what the image represents. Remember that the goal of establishing a brand is to increase your marketing effectiveness and make people visit your site that you now have the opportunity to do.


  1. Condition the people’s mind: As more people begin to repeatedly see their brand in different areas online, they begin to form the association between the image itself and what it is marking. This is simply conditioning people to automatically make this association and it is exactly how brand strategies work for the development of any brand. The more they see their efforts, the stronger the association becomes, plain and simple.


  1. Image reinforcement: His constant repetition serves to establish his identity more firmly. With each new effort, your exposure grows and the association between what you are marking and the image you are establishing becomes much stronger. This reinforcement is exactly how to mark yourself or business or even both online.


  1. Get more witnesses: This is the point at which your repetition has saturated the market, allowing other people who previously did not see your “impression” have the opportunity to see more about you. Very often this happens after others have recommended them to do so due to the viral effect that is taking place. It is difficult to avoid the constant buzzing about you when your image seems to be everywhere.

In conclusion, the development of the brand is a very important aspect of Internet marketing because it helps to be noticed more easily online. The process is not really very complicated and begins with the determination of what is the most appropriate identity for what you do. From there, a decision is made on how to mark this chosen identity in the minds of others. In most cases, the use of multiple branding strategies is often considered the best approach. No matter how dynamic or cutting edge your selected strategies are, however, an effort will be wasted unless the image is reinforced as repeatedly as possible. This simple act of repetition plays a key role in the effectiveness of your brand identity efforts. Without repeated and consistent reinforcement, even the best strategies will not succeed in giving the impression you want in the minds of others.

The article was shared on behalf of Morar HPI, a research agency. The company’s brand team aligns commercial objectives, target audiences and sector dynamics to create new brands and focus on existing ones. Their experiences span core brand strategy to brand communications creation. Visit for more information and services.