New Underwear Labels Rivalling Victoria’s Secret

Gooseberry Intimates

This up and coming brand is all over social media as the next big thing. And it’s not hard to see why. With delicate lace underwear and beautiful designs, this lingerie brand is just as unique in style as their name. Their flagship store is in Bali, a destination featured in basically every influencer’s bucket list. They even offer free shipping over $200. So club together with a friend to transform your wardrobe.



Aerie is a company under the umbrella of American Eagle. They recently made headlines for their body positivity campaign, including models of all shapes and sizes. The now-famous photos were untouched, promoting a different side to other lingerie companies – an aspect that many customers loved and widely reported on fashion blog sites. Their profits were up for 16 consecutive months after the launch of the campaign.


Savage x Fenty

Rhianna’s brainchild ‘Savage x Fenty’ is a brand preaching exclusivity for all women, no matter their race, religion or size. They are perhaps on of Victoria Secret’s biggest rivals to date, catering to those women tired of industry standard models used by the brand. It features a range of classic bras for everyday as well as more seductive pieces.


Les Girls Les Boys

Originally started by the previous owner of Agent Provocateur, les girls les boys offer something different to the designer lingerie market. They focus on a ‘street-to-bed’ look, underwear that’s easily transitioned from bed to daywear in no time. Their pieces are all designed to be loungewear, and they also offer pyjamas in their range.



This brand offers something for women who may find it hard to get well-fitting bras. They start with a quiz, asking women about their body type and their preferred bra styles. They will then get to receive a personalised selection of bras in the post to try on for size. Any bras they don’t like they are able to send back. A great idea for those who struggle with finding a bra in other stores such as Victoria Secret.


What’s Next?

Victoria’s Secret has been receiving press in the last few months for all the wrong reasons. It seems that even their most loyal customers are tired of their yearly fashion show, showcasing skinny models who tell stories of their lack of food in preparation for the walk. Whether it’s enough for them to be dethroned yet it to be seen.

Online Shopping Advantages

Electronic commerce, widely known as e-commerce, is the business of buying and selling of product or service over the internet. Since the advent of the World Wide Web, merchants have sought to sell their products to people who surf the internet. People can visit web stores from the comfort of their homes or anywhere as long as they can get connected to the internet. Computer professionals and business people are more active at shopping from the Internet.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of the existence of online stores:

  • Online shopping does provide you convenience, no denying to it. Where else can you perform shopping in the middle of the night, sitting on your couch? You do not have to wait in a line or wait till the shopkeeper is ready to walk you through transactional processes of your purchase. You can do your shopping in minutes even if you are busy besides the reasons for saving time and avoiding crowds. You can also get information about the products with online product catalogs.
  • Online stores offer some cheap deals to customers. Many online shops offer discount coupons and refunds. Besides this, the Online Store can only collect sales tax if they have a physical store existing somewhere in our state, no matter if we buy from stores located somewhere far across in the world.
  • There is an opportunity to get a vast variety of products, from several brands, all at one place to choose from. You don’t need to go shop to shop to find products of your liking. When you shop online, you have the opportunity to shop from retailers in other parts of the country or even the world overcoming all the geographic barriers. These stores offer a variety of stuff than what you will find locally. The online stores relieve you of the hassle to visit different stores all separately. There are multiple such stores which deal in miscellaneous products and services – such as the famous They have a vast variety of products to choose from, from multiple brands – both local and international. There are also stores which deal in the provision of specific goods. For example – some stores deal only in sports goods. People involved in sports such as lax should check out They sell the best apparels, footwear and other sports goods.
  • Online Shopping makes sending presents to relatives and friends easy, no matter where they are.

Plus how many times has it happened to you that spend your money reaching a local shop only to find out that the product you need, is out of stock? One of the significant advantages of online stores is that you can check on the availability and unavailability of the product or service. Some good online stores do not accept orders without stock and take orders only when the stock is available. You also have the option of taking your business to any other online store where the product is available.

Benefits and Value of Leadership Development


We live in a modern, heavily industrialized and mechanized business environment. An increasing number of jobs that have previously been done with good old elbow grease is being automated. Never the less, one of the main success gauges for a company is its human capital. Simply put, companies that invest in leadership development perform better than those that do not. Although the demand for skilled labour is in high demand, businesses are having trouble finding adequate personnel. On the upside, leaders can be made and moulded. This means we can rely less on looking outside for employees. We do have to be willing to invest our resources in developing leaders. About 50% of managers do not have the knowledge and experience to fulfil these needs. But, 96% showed interest in a leadership development program, according to studies. Here are some tips on how and why we should invest in leadership development in our company.

1. Attracting and keeping talent

A satisfied employee is a productive one. Managers play a key role in making this a reality for all involved. Effective leadership can increase employee’s engagement and will certainly offset a potential cost of replacing them. Inspiring and showing them the positive impact through their contribution is a method used by the best managers. Compare that to a bad manager who will never utilize these methods, and will be unable to attract or keep high-performance employees. No matter the industry we find ourselves in, our company should always focus heavily on our people. They are a key part of our brand and, if satisfied, they will become the word bearers in promoting our company anywhere they go. Employees can be a walking and talking marketing opportunity. Companies are recognizing that potential and are making internal investments in order to capitalize on it. This way, external talent will come flocking in.

2. Chain of inspiration

The best leaders inspire others to be even better. These programs enable us to see the enthusiasm and motivation of our employees as soon as possible. A healthy competitive environment is what motivates and creates strong bonds. Some might feel uneasy leading other leaders out of fear of not being up to the task. Most of the times, it is just misplaced insecurity talking. Leaders are not really in a competitive state relative to one another, when talking about one company. They should be complementary. With this presupposition, any leader can learn from the other. Any one of them can lead another. Their skills are simply complementary and fill each other’s potential shortcomings. The benefits that it brings might not be that obvious. So, we should have a bunch of leaders and none of them has the same frame of mind? Exactly. If that were to be the case, we would end up with an echo chamber of ideas. This way, everyone can provide something useful and new to a brainstorming session. And that is one of the crucial aspects that a leadership development program should focus on.

3. Uninterrupted communication

One of the main aspects of defining a company and its path is the way communication is being handled. Important on so many levels, both vertical and horizontal, it defines our culture. Failing to define clear paths of communication can result in mistakes which can evolve to conflicts. At the end we end up in a hostile working environment, scratching our heads wondering how it all came to pass. Another part of being a great leader is being able to communicate through anything business life throws at us. Communications is not only about transmitting a message. It is also about detecting and preventing gaps or conflicts from all perspectives involved. What these training programs should enable is for the leader to adapt messages depending on the actors involved. Everyone has their learning style and it is not easy for one leader to adapt on the fly and meet them all.

Companies can perform a lot better if their teams are strong and efficient. The glue that keeps them all together is adequate leadership. Minimizing mistakes means minimizing the potential for conflict. Maximizing results means maximizing our bottom line at the end of the year. It is as simple as that. Implementing leadership programs will ensure that these vital business aspects are met in a professional manner.

4 Things You Should Consider Adding to Your Workplace

Your workplace is where you spend a big part of your day. You probably spend at least 6-8 hours a day in your office, so naturally, you should make your workplace as comfortable and practical as possible. And why shouldn’t be fun, too?

Maybe you have a home office or maybe you go to work but the good thing is that you can add some changes wherever you work that can make your life easier. Here a list of things you can consider:

1. Set your goals

This is not an actual thing to add to your workplace but it is highly important if you want to be effective and productive as much as possible. If you set your goals at the beginning of every month, week and day, it will be much clearer to you what you need to do and when and how to prioritize all those goals. Most of us have the tendency to get carried away – we believe we can achieve a lot in a short period of time and that it will be of high quality. Well, it’s not like that in real life. If you have a couple of big projects coming, they will probably be overwhelming, so it’s important to stay motivated and focused every step of the way. In other words, you need to break a big project into smaller goals so that you can feel good about yourself every time you achieve one of those goals. You can have a board installed on your wall to keep track of the project through individual goals and to check them by hand when you complete them – it will make you feel great about yourself.

2. Avoid multitasking

Multitasking may sound effective but it’s actually the time when you make more mistakes, which actually takes you a lot longer than it should. The reason behind this is that every time you stop with one task to concentrate on the other, you lose sight of what you were doing in the first place. When you go back to the first task, you’ll lose some time while trying to figure out where you stopped and trying to regain your focus. Monotasking is a much more effective approach – not only it is quicker but it also gets your creativity going. If you are in need of new ideas, the best way is to focus on one task and let your brain focus only on that for some time. So, once you decide what task you want to focus on, surround yourself with everything you’ll need in order to do the task. It will also prevent you from having to interrupt your focus. This means you should work on just one screen – turn off all the others and also remove your cell phone. If you notice you are reading the same sentence over and over again, that means your brain and body need a short break. Physical movement will do you good. If you can, add a Pilates ball or a running track machine – you can stretch your back on the ball or do a couple of exercises on it or you can stretch your legs by having a speed walk on the machine. It will boost your energy and make you more focused when you sit back on your chair.

3. Have a stress-relieving gadget

No matter what your job is, you will definitely feel stressed from time to time. Sometimes the problem can be is that you don’t have much time to take a big break and go outside to have lunch or to go for a relaxing work to clear your thoughts. There will be days when you will simply have to stay in your office and deal with the stress there. That’s why it’s important for your office to have a few items that can relieve your stress in a couple of minutes so that you can back to work as soon as possible. For example, some people find a Pilates ball a great addition to the office. Others find an anti-stress ball a very effective tool. You can have a corner of the office with scented candles and relaxing music set up in the CD player whenever you feel you need a couple of minutes to relax. If your job needs you to stand a lot, then you should prevent too much stress for your feet by getting an anti-fatigue mat. Stores like Mat Shop offer various mats that not only prevent the feeling of fatigue in your feet but are also very durable for offices with high traffic. The point is to find out what works for you when it comes to relieving stress while at work.

4. Expand your knowledge

You should never stay at the same level, so the best thing for your brain is to read something new every day. Have a shelf in your office with interesting books or magazines on different subjects that interest you. Whether you want to stay up-to-date regarding your niche or you want to learn something new that is outside your field of expertize, you should remind yourself to keep on reading by installing that shelf in your office. Not only that reading helps you learn new stuff but it is also a nice distraction of your everyday work when you need to step away from your daily tasks.

5. Enhance collaboration

If you are a part of a bigger team, you need to exchange ideas with your colleagues whenever possible. Maybe you have a specific room for this, but even if you do, why not arrange a part of your office where you can sit with a colleague and share ideas, experiences and problems? It’s easier if the two of you can sit and relax while simultaneously try to come up with a solution together.

Final comment

It is clear now that your workplace can easily be turned into a place of productivity, fun and effectiveness if you have the right approach and if you fill your working space with things that actually help you do that.

How to Turn Your Instagram from Personal to Business

Instagram is the next big thing in the influencer marketing scene of today. The platform continues to house millions of influencers who have partnered with a plethora of brands to amplify their digital marketing campaigns. The fundamental rule of influencer marketing is to gain traction through social media as it is now the foremost medium of exchanging information. Conventional media has become obsolete and today, brands hardly ever devise a strategy to allocate budget for conventional media campaigns.

On social platforms like Instagram, there is a pool of influencers engaged in different categories. It is believed that these people can sway the purchasing power of their audiences. Brands work with them by offering them incentives or a particular for every post where they market their content subtly or prominently (depending on the brand’s choice). Influencers are categorized from their quality and following. The more followers you have as an influencer, the more you are likely to work with brands and the bigger compensation.

A good example of an Instagram influencer is Jonathan Jadali who is growing popular due to the fact that he has accumulated over 30,000 followers in a relatively short period of time. Jonathan Jadali has become the talk of the town and people are eager to know what exactly he has done to gain such a massive following in a tiny bit of time. Jonathan usually documents his everyday life chronicles on his profile and stays highly engaged with his followers.

Turning your personal account to business is the new big thing on Instagram users. Given the fact that these people have a considerably large following and post quality content on a consistent basis.

First things first, your Instagram should be a gateway to your lifestyle and should be an open book to learn things about you. Brands would be willing to work with you if one can assess more about you from a glimpse to your profile. It works wonders in different ways because building a profile requires effort and effort means consistency in posting content.

Secondly, you are required to engage with the community. Follow people and they would be on the look for viewing your profile. This way they can learn about your public profile and thus, you gain traction. Drop people DMs, introduce your content and back it with a story. Do not carpet bomb your message because it is a thin line between effective communication and spamming.

Apart from that, you need to work on a consistent style that hooks people to your profile. People are lazy. They like scrolling down. The opportunity to seek the attention of a user is relatively low. Work with something unique and creative that it gets into the minds of people. From an individual, the influence would be circulated to more and more people. This way you will be known, you will gain followers and your engagement would dramatically multiple on the platforms.

Doing Business: 5 Unique Coworking Spaces in the USA

According to Global Coworking Census, there are about 14,000 coworking spaces in the world. Today, most of the “free offices” are concentrated in Europe, and also in the homeland of this development – in the USA.

For the first time, the idea of ​​coworking came to the mind of a young Californian programmer Brad Newberg. While getting lost in freelancing and office work, he decided to combine the best features of the two formats and in 2005 created the famous Hat Factory in San Francisco. As a result, the idea quickly spread around the world.

The goal of coworking is not just to provide a person with a workplace and high-speed Wi-Fi internet, but also to create a community that unites like-minded people who share experiences and ideas, work and relax together. The spaces, which at first were designed for young startups, eventually turned into meeting places for athletes, business moms, poets, and other “coworkers.”

So, here’re 5 coworking spaces in the USA featuring unique concept…

Paragraph: a business incubator for writers

  • Where: Manhattan, New York
  • Schedule: around the clock, seven days a week
  • Average cost: from $93 per month

A cozy coworking not far from Union Square is a project of graduates of the New York New School who were once united in love of words and an unsuccessful search for a quiet place to work. So, Lila Cecil and Joy Parisi founded the Paragraph – a creative refuge for authors of all genres, bloggers and journalists.

3birds Coworking Space

For membership, which can be issued for no less than a month, it’s not necessary to have published works. The main thing is to have the desire to write. The fireplace, the classic library, the open balcony and the kitchen contribute to creating an inspiring atmosphere. The direct process of writing takes place in a room with soundproof walls, designed for 38 workplaces.

Literary coworking serves as a platform for poetic duels, public readings of the works of the participants themselves and famous authors, as well as lectures on the publishing business and new book formats, master classes on creative writing and meetings with famous writers and journalists.


Hera Hub: an oasis of female self-sufficiency in California

  • Where: San Diego
  • Schedule: 9am-5pm on weekdays
  • Average cost: from $129 per month

Scented candles and essential oils, fountains with the correct jet pressure and live Feng Shui plants, gentle music, chamomile tea and cookies – co-working created by women especially for women, is a hybrid of office and spa-center.

Coworking Spaces

(photo by LOFFICE Wien)

Its audience is businesswomen, who don’t forget about themselves and want to use their appearance where necessary.

Here a lot of attention is paid to philosophy – the idea of ​​the dominance of women in the business environment and the psychology of achieving their goals. Women support each other, arrange seminars, share the secrets of their achievements and discuss the pressing problems of the community.

The club was founded in 2011 by Felena Hanson, a marketer with a difficult life story, who is confident that America’s future prosperity will be provided by women.


Citizen Space: pet-friendly office alternative

  • Where: South Park in San Francisco, California
  • Schedule: 10am-6pm on weekdays
  • Average cost: from $ 8per hour

Does your working ability fall without a pet cat at hand or a parrot on the shoulder? “Bring them with you” is the policy of Citizen Space. Visitors are asked only not to allow animals on tables, sofas and other furniture and immediately remove any garbage.

Citizen Space - San Francisco, CA

Of course, pets of small size are in priority, but if they are disciplined, then there is a place for several large dogs at once. The spacious loft includes 20 workplaces, 14 discussion tables, 3 conference rooms, a living room, a library, a cafe and a fully equipped kitchen.

However, you should take care of food and even water for your pet in advance. For violators of this and other rules the office dress code applies.


Link: coworking space with your own interns

  • Where: Austin, Texas
  • Schedule: 9am-6pm on weekdays
  • Average cost: from $200 per month

Unusually bright for the state capital of Texas, this coworking offers the services of its team of interns. As a rule, they study at a nearby university. If you wish, you can read the CV of the assistants. An hour of work of one intern will cost an additional $20.

Link Locale

(photo by Link Locale)

Link also promises massage chairs and multi-touch tables from the famous Turnstone, the best drinks from the Texas Coffee Traders Association, as well as a spacious outdoor lounge area where you can relax, listen to the birds singing or feed squirrels. Given the fact that the sun in Austin shines about 300 days a year, work there will turn into pleasure.

Speaking of other Link’s facilities, the coworking features an underground parking garage. Therefore, all its members can safely use car rental service at Austin Airport from Enterprise for easy traveling around the city.


BKB Active Collaborative Workspace: office climbing wall

  • Where: New York and Somerville
  • Work schedule: 8am-12am daily
  • Average cost: $22 per day

The Arrowstreet + Chris Ryan studio took up the fight against a sedentary lifestyle in an office space isolated from people and entertainment. Being confident that physical activity and communication contribute to productivity and creativity more than privacy with a cup of coffee, the studio staff combined the workspace with a gym and a climbing center.


(photo by Brooklyn Boulders)

Each visitor is obliged to take a 15-minute recruit course, where he will be informed about safety engineering and behavior rules in the community. They are quite simple: every 30 minutes you need to do at least five squats and pull-ups and start a conversation with at least one unfamiliar colleague. During the day, you can leave coworking space and come back again.

Designed for interaction between people from different fields of activity, Brooklyn Boulders stimulates communication between businessmen and artists and seeks to consolidate established contacts by organizing team competitions.







5 Stress Busting Strategies For Every Entrepreneur

While trying to make their business a success, it’s almost inevitable that an entrepreneur will start to feel stressed. Keeping on top of cash flow, employees, management and customer expectations can be truly overwhelming for many. With this in mind, see below some stress busting strategies for every entrepreneur who’s starting to feel the pressure:



  • Have A Disciplined Routine


Getting yourself into a realistic working routine each day can help you keep things under control. Scheduling time for working out, eating, reading and taking some me-time can be extremely beneficial to an entrepreneur’s mental health. Things like making time to spend with your loved ones is equally as important as making time for meetings and conference calls. Stress can even be one of the biggest causes of hair loss, to avoid having to make a trip to a hair transplant Manchester clinic, try to switch off from work-mode every now and again.



  • Mobile Phone Apps


There are some amazing apps available that can also help with reducing stress. Pacifica is one of the most popular. It provides users with daily tips and tricks to de-stress, as well as daily activities to take your mind off of work. You can also join the conversation forums to talk about anything you’re struggling with.



  • Digital Detox


When you’re not using your phone for de-stressing apps, take some time away from technology with a digital detox. Being a business owner means that your phone is usually ringing or receiving notifications non-stop – and you can’t help but check it! By turning your phone off, you’re not tempted to quickly take a peak even if you’re with family and friends. Staying away from technology for even the smallest amount of time can reduce stress levels tenfold.



  • Treat Yourself


Take some time away from everything and treat yourself to a spa day at medical spa Wilmslow. Spoil yourself with a massage or a long, relaxing swim. Little treats every now and then can be a good opportunity to unwind. Take things a step further by going on a spa mini-break if you feel like you need more of a break away from work. Go with a friend or just enjoy spending time in your own company.



  • Regular Breaks


Entrepreneurs can sometimes miss out on the most important experiences of their lives because they’re too busy focusing on their business. Taking regular breaks during your work day will eventually allow you to work more efficiently and productively. Whether this is just heading out instead of staying in at lunchtime or going for an afternoon stroll, there are plenty of ways an entrepreneur can unwind throughout the day.

How Air Pollution Can Be Tackled With The Latest Innovative Technology Developments

Air pollution levels have been consistently soaring for years, reaching particularly alarming heights. It’s been reported that often the world’s poorest countries are some of the worst effected when it comes to pollution; with Bangladesh, Somalia and Afghanistan all toping the lists of deaths linked to pollution. Many countries across the globe have come together to vow to tackle it. ‘The Paris Agreement’ was drawn in 2016, signed by 118 nations the document is a declaration of effort to act on climate change.


The Dangers Of Air Pollution

Pollution is not only bad news for the environment, but it can also be damaging to people’s health. Global warming activists are growing increasingly concerned about the emissions being released into the atmosphere. It’s well known that Carbon Dioxide is the biggest contributor to warming Earth, but Sulphur Dioxide is also a primary cause of acid rain, and a component of smog. It’s evident that there is more the government can be doing to prevent air pollution such as taxes on carbon emissions and sanctions on individuals.


Is It Safer Indoors?

Many people would consider it common sense that they would be better protected from pollution indoors. However, this isn’t the case. Indoor spaces and suburban areas are all effected by air pollution though many people may not believe it, hence why the government has been called on by activists to do something as the problem gets out of control.

It’s not just the government taking a stand, businesses have also been forced to act by installing stainless steel ducting to tackle indoors air pollution. Pollution can be rife in workplaces such as factories and warehouses. As a result of this, productivity can take a dive. Poor air quality can make workers feel sluggish and demotivated.



Scientists and activists have been working together to come up with solutions to try and reduce air pollution in various ways:

  1. One of the biggest developments has been for factories and industrial parks. A previously mentioned, they’ve begun using machines to combat pollution such as industrial ducting. This will greatly help with the air quality inside the business.
  2. Up and down the UK, city centres now feature eco-friendly ‘smart bins’. When they get full, they send a message back to the waste company that they need to be emptied. This reduces mess around the city while promoting recycling.
  3. Nowadays, air purification devices are common features in a household. These state of the art machines can purify the air inside the home, making it feel fresher and cleaner. In a few years’ time, it’s not inconceivable that every household will have an air purifier.


Steps such as turning an engine off when it’s unnecessarily on, recycling more, and using public transport or cycling can contribute to lowering global warming more than people may realise. With the governments new commitments to tackling pollution, things are looking up.

Offsite Commercial Ventures & Mobile Offices as the Solution

Every business has its own personalized business module, and each company instills their own structure according to how they operate on a daily basis. Furthermore, every business has their own network of strategic partners, clients and contractual employees which have to be integrated with their business module. This is extremely complicated for businesses that have versatile services and have to offer services such as offsite commercial ventures.

Some businesses that have to offer services at different locations are construction companies since they will have to send almost all of their resources to their client’s location. Offsite ventures have been around for decades now as they are a core feature in business ecosystems all around the world. Luckily, there are companies that offer services to offsite commercial venture providers. Companies such as SiteBox Storage have enabled these businesses to increase the quality of their services and have helped them cut costs by a substantial margin.

SiteBox Storage was founded in 1998; this company has established itself as a leader in designing and selling mobile storage units, storm shelters, mobile refrigerators, and mobile offices. These mobile offices were designed to cater to businesses that have to provide offsite services by providing them with a portable office that is delivered ready-to-go, right to their work site.

Why Should You Consider A Mobile Office?

Ground level mobile offices are very effective for offsite projects as they will both provide an aesthetic facet and effective space for office accommodation. (This is compared to trailer-type offices, which are raised and require the installation of stairs.) Instead of sitting inside a dusty truck, your team can use this mobile office as a fully functional office. This will help your team get right to work as they will have an office right on the client’s site.

Furthermore, these mobile offices are rugged and designed to withstand virtually any kind of work setting and are loaded with top of the line features.  It’s best to look for companies that have features in their mobile offices that include everything needed in one place. Here’s a list of the most sought-after features in mobile offices that are provided by reputable companies:

  • Ethernet & Electrical: Mobile offices include duplex receptacles for various desk area connections.
  • Fire Extinguishers: This is a standard feature in mobile offices and has to be present for the company to meet state regulations.
  • Fluorescent lighting: Each mobile office includes fluorescent lighting to ensure your team can work effectively at any time of the day.
  • Effective HVAC: Mobile offices should include an HVAC system to ensure that you have complete control over the temperature of the office. Many suppliers use name brand systems, like Bard, to ensure climate control.
  • High security: These offices are built with insulated walls to withstand the harshest weathers and include high tech security features to make sure your onsite office is secure.

This list given above is just a glimpse into the array of benefits that offsite mobile offices provide to businesses that have to offer their services in different settings.

3 Ways to Help You Retain Your Sales Reps

If you have been in a position of leadership you would know that retaining talent that might have just helped you grow your business from the ground up is very difficult to retain. You have to give equal attention to the individuals as you do to your business.

It does hurt when the people you relied on or saw working with in the future decide that it is not the place for them, the consoling bit is that you are not alone, the bad thing is that like you not a lot of people know exactly why sales representatives leave and how to make them feel satisfied working for you.

Here are the top three ways you can retain your sales talent.

1.    Always Have an Opportunity of Growth

Give the people something to aspire to, but make it realistic. The top performers perform to grow, do not disappoint them and strip them of this motivation. The moment they realize that there is no longer any room to grow or that it would not be possible for them to climb up the corporate ladder in your corporation they will feel they are wasting their time working in your business and will start looking for a place that gives them something to work towards.

The way you offer this growth can be in various forms. For example provide a compensation, or a title to responsibilities which will allow you to focus on other things after you have delegated. The trick is to keep raising the stakes at just the right frequency to keep your people engaged.

2.    Create a Culture They Don’t Want to Leave

Most people think of a ping pong table or a free beverage bar. This is not necessary something people will miss when they decide to leave your employment. Sales culture takes a while to build and it definitely requires the right mind sets to make it happen. You want to be a workplace that is dedicated towards helping your customers and are always advocating a compelling mission.

To do this you should start by empowering all of your employees. Every encounter must encompass this, every meeting must make them feel like an essential cog in the project as they rightly are. They will believe in your vision and they will believe in their roles more than they did before. A good sales person is one who is excited to come to work every day. This is important for employees but also for freelancers who you have found through outsourcing platforms.

3.    Always Set Clear Expectations

It is very important that your sales rep understands what you expect of them and what their targets are translated by the milestones you see for your company. A neat way to do this is to make a frame work which lists these expectations. After this you must list measurable milestones and then also provide a tool that will measure progress of all the reps in a fair manner. When everyone understands what their role is it is easier to cut through the noise and perform your best.

There is a very different feeling and motivation behind working with a clear target in your head. It makes it easier to achieve them, and gives the employee autonomy over managing their efforts to achieve it, something which many business do not do. Many times an employee leaves because objectives are too cluttered or not communicated well for them to understand exactly what they are supposed to do to excel. The most disappointing of them all is when management forgets to communicate these expectations at all and only decide to reveal them during a year-end review or an appraisal at which point the sales rep feels they could have done better if they knew.

Jason Stone—An Entrepreneurial Prodigy

Charisma. Persistence. Flair. These are the ingredients that constitute the character of a present-day influencer. This is a trio instilled in Jason Stone, a 39-year-old entrepreneur, and motivator, who enjoy his success and strives to share it with the world.

Jason started off by pursuing his degree in Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Akron, and with a surprising turn of event, ended up being one of the widely known mentors of the modern world. He owns an Instagram account with over 3M followers to date.

The Stepping Stones

Jason tapped into his money-making talent when he got the idea to sell used car parts from a junkyard to wholesalers for the nominal price. Furthermore, the soon-to-be engineer also had a thing for guiding and mentoring his friends and family in different arrays of life.

After completing his degree, he turned his part-time work into a full-time job by starting a company called, “Treadstone Performance Engineering”. The new venture was, of course, launched with numerous upgrades from his previous-side-business. Treadstone Performance Engineering was launched in 2006 and continues to operate online with hefty profits.

Later in 2013, he also invested in his friend’s startup “The Local Door Coupons” where he received enormous success and managed to elevate the profits tenfold. By the end of 12 months with the company, Jason had launched 50 franchises of the business across the nation.

Meet the Millionaire Mentor

Jason’s innate desire to mentor surfaced when he launched his dedicated Instagram account—Millionaire Mentor. Previously, he did offer motivational lessons through his personal accounts but that concluded as he had to shut them all down due to the home burglary.

It took ‘Millionaire Mentor’ only a year to reach a million followers. Jason has crossed 3M followers on this account to date and is continuing to go forth with each passing day. He offers paid mentorship lessons for new ventures, motivational content, and social media consultancy to make sure that others can benefit from his experiences through the years.

Fame and Fortune

Jason Stone is a successful entrepreneur of the modern day. He made $8M in retail sales in 2017, received various awards for surpassing sales targets. He also continued to do philanthropy and donates a portion of all his earnings to charity. He has also appeared in various major releases like Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur,, FourHundred Magazine, Home Business Magazine, and several others who have mentioned Jason as one of the leading mentors and entrepreneurs of the modern age.

Jason Stone is on a mission to impact over a billion people with his efforts. He continues to work at Millionaire Mentor while running his other business ventures on the side. Jason is happily married to Cristina Stone and has 2 children. He can be reached through his Instagram @Millionaire_Mentor. Further information on his life and his current ventures can be found on his website

How To Choose The Ideal Brand Colours For Your Business

If you’re starting a business or are in the process of rebranding your existing one, it’s important to know the influence that colours can have on your consumers when going through the creation stages.


Some research suggests that over 85% of consumers are a firm believer in colour choice impacting their product selection which is a huge factor when it comes to standing out from your competitors. In order to make sure that the brand colour you choose is fit for purpose, consider these tips so that your colour palette can be memorable and inspiring to other users.


Understand Your Focus

An essential factor that should be considered when choosing the colour palette for your business is understanding your focus and ethos. If you work in a corporate environment, it wouldn’t appear ideal to be using big and bright bold colours for your palette. The colour red that can be easily identified with brands such as Coca-Cola and Virgin have the identity for wanting their consumers to be bold and energetic. By considering your brand’s goals and the target audience, it helps to understand which colours would be ideal for you.


Consider The Psychology Around It

Colour psychology is a thing. The colour of objects and signs have associated thoughts and feelings that can influence a users’ perception. For example, technology brands tend to sway towards using blue for their brand as it projects a sign of trust and intelligence to users. By understanding how you want your users to feel when they consider your brand will influence the colours that you choose for your branding.


Be Bold And Experiment

There are many examples in which brands have chosen to be bold with their colour choices for their products and have seen great results that have come from it. It can be a risk to experiment but engaging your consumers should be your primary focus. Therefore, consider at least 3 colours to put together with your brand that can ultimately result in something powerful but still relevant to your brand.


Do Competitor Research

Knowing your industry and what makes your other competitors successful can provide you with ideas on whether you wish to stand out or fit in with the crowd. It’s all about finding a balance in your colour palette that can effectively do both so consider several brands and companies in your industry before having a play around.


Create A Mood Board

An alternative way to mix together colours you’ve considered is through creating a mood board. Colours are extracted and put together through images that have similar colour schemes. By placing the colours together, it can help you judge the emotions and moods that your brand would project to your audience. Many agencies that specialise in brand design Manchester based will advise using the 60:30:10 colour ratio. This is where three colours are chosen and distributed by 60%, 30% and 10%.


It can be an exciting time creating a new brand image for your business, but it’s also important to now get carried away with your ideas. Following a structure and doing relevant research will be beneficial in creating a brand that will be engaging and memorable to your consumers.