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Banking for Individuals and Businesses Simplified – A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started

Selecting the right bank for your personal and business needs is a critical decision. There are many banks which offer a range of consumer, as well as business products, to their customers. Gustavo Dolfino, an investment banker by trade said- “it’s important that you choose carefully, as every product is different, and every bank is different. What matters most, is the type of relationship you are able to develop with the bank in the long run.”

Interest rates.

A small difference in interest rates can add up to a lot of money over time, regardless of which type of loan you are in the market for – auto, mortgage, and payroll to personal credit cards. Don’t fall for the “skip a payment this month” trick. What actually happens in the month you skip a payment, is the outstanding amount gets compounded, and so does the interest amount you end up paying. It will add up in the long run.  Avoid excessive debt at all costs; servicing that debt is one of the main reasons people file for bankruptcy.

Electronic services

Know what services and operations can be done through online banking, if there is a charge associated with them, and what level of sophistication they entail. Ideally, this service should be an essential part of your relationship, should not cost extra, and should be available to you 24/7.

Trust and Security

Even though US banks are insured by the FDIC, this federal form of insurance is capped at 250K per account, and applies only to non-interest bearing accounts. In addition, you should note the credit quality of the bank, as well as its stock price, should it be publicly traded. Assuming the bank offers a debit or credit card, you should investigate their policy regarding fraud, and your liability should it occur.

Commissions and fees

You should check what fees and/or commissions, if any, apply to the use of the bank’s debit or credit cards, when those fees apply, for example, by using a non-bank ATM, or when used in a foreign country. Do not ignore in your analysis, charges for wire transfers, checks, minimum balance or insufficient funds fees.

Loyalty points

This is an aspect that can be misleading and should be treated with caution. Not all purchases will earn you loyalty points; should they, verify when, where and how they can be used, including blackout periods.

Immigration Detention Rights

Did you know that immigrants from a range of countries all over the world make up just below 15 percent of the UK’s population? That’s about 9.4 million people. Of those, around 30,000 are put into immigration detention every year. And this doesn’t just happen to people who are in the UK illegally, but also to people who are here perfectly legally. That’s why it’s important for those people and their families to understand their legal rights.

What is immigration detention?

Most immigration detention centres are quite traumatic, and not very pleasant places to be. This is just one reason why it is important for you to understand what your rights as an immigrant are, and how to exercise them if you need to.

Immigration detention is a UK government policy stating that anyone who doesn’t possess leave to remain in the UK or whose leave has expired, must be detained in a secure facility. You might be surprised to learn that at present, there isn’t a time limit on how long adults in this position can be held in detention. Depending on the circumstances, if you have no right to remain in the UK, the government can legally detain you indefinitely. The only people this doesn’t apply to is pregnant women, who can only be detained for up to 72 hours in most cases.

Also, by law in place from 2011, no child should ever be detained. However, last year nearly 50 children were illegally held in centres. If you know that a child is being held illegally, you must contact an immigration solicitor immediately.

What can you be detained for and when can it happen?

Having no right to remain in the UK means that technically, you can be put into a detention centre at any time. There are also a range of reasons for which you might be detained under immigration laws, however some are much more common than others. According to Manchester immigration advisers, the below are the most common times and reasons people in the UK get put into immigration detention:

  • Upon first entry to the UK
  • When reporting to the Home Office in their regular appointment
  • After attempting to claim asylum, being refused and having exhausted all appeal rights
  • If the person has no immigration status or applications pending and has been picked up by an immigration enforcement agent
  • If the Home Office has decided to reject your asylum claim because you have already been given humanitarian protection by another country

People can also be picked up at home, during immigration raids on businesses, and stop-and-searches in public spaces like bus and train stations. It’s not very comforting to think that, and this could change but at present it’s legal, so knowing your rights is really beneficial. Last year, 56 percent of those people detained under immigration laws were allowed to resume their position in society with no further action being taken, so although being put into detention isn’t at all pleasant, it also doesn’t always mean a person is going to be deported.

Detainees’ rights

Knowing your legal rights whilst in immigration detention is really important, and exercising these rights can help to make you feel less powerless and lonely. Unless a detainee has committed a crime, they have the below rights:

  • Access to legal advice
  • Access to any medication they usually take
  • Access to religious support no matter what religion they practice
  • To have visits from friends and family, as long as they follow the correct protocol
  • Access to appropriate medical care and the right to complain if they feel that this is not happening
  • To apply for bail if they’ve been in the UK for more than eight days
  • To obtain a ‘financial condition supporter’ in order to help strengthen their bail application
  • To view their bail hearing if it is granted (usually watched via a video link)

Exercising their rights

If the person in detention is able to hire an immigration lawyer, they should do this as quickly as possible. It’s a good idea for anyone who might be at risk of being put in detention to do this anyway, so if they do get detained they are already prepared.

Keeping a physical copy of their solicitor’s contact details as well as their doctor’s details is a good idea, so if their mobile phone gets taken away from them as they enter the detention centre they still have support who they can contact. Family or friends can hold these kinds of details for you and contact the relevant people on your behalf should you not be able to.

Visitor and healthcare rights

Being detained can be very isolating, but visits from family, friends and support groups can be really helpful. Visitors will be required to follow strict protocol, such as giving enough pre-warning for a visit, co-operating with staff and following centre rules.

Immigration detention doctors are required by law to report cases of ill health to the Home Office, but unfortunately this is frequently not done or not done properly. If you think this is the case for a family member or friend, you should contact a solicitor urgently. If you need immigration advice, AWH Solicitors in Manchester can offer help and support for anyone in England or Wales.

Will You Find a Former Co-Worker?

Over the years, there is a good chance you will end up working with a sizable number of people. As such, chances are you will lose touch with some or even many of them over time as people come and go.

That said more people seem to be on the move these days.

Back in the day, more individuals stayed with one employer for a longer period of time often. With today’s hustle and bustle, it is not uncommon for individuals to be at a company a few years and then go elsewhere.

As a result of such moving around, you may lose track of some former co-workers you had a good relationship with. If so, do you wonder where they are now?

If you are wondering where they’ve gotten to, how will you go about finding them?

Internet is Good Starting Place

In your efforts to track down one or more former co-workers, keep these pointers in mind:

  1. Internet – Given all the info that is out there on the Internet, you could move ahead with a free people search. When you have one’s full name and any other pertinent details enter it into an online search. Doing this could move you closer to finding where they got to. You may end up being able to locate where they moved to and even where they are employed today. Along with such search websites, also give social networking a shot. Many people end up on sites like Facebook, Twitter and more. As such, they can be easy to locate. If you do find them for instance on Facebook, send them a friend request if possible. You could be delighted to find them accepting such a request sooner than later. With all the Internet has to offer, there is a good chance you will be able to find those you are searching for.
  2. Word-of-mouth – Are you friends with some former co-workers? Do they also know one or more people you are looking for? They may have stayed in touch with the person or persons over time. As a result, they can lead you to them. If you left a company and are still in contact with people there, they may tell you what happened to one or more folks. This is after you left.
  3. Media – Last, if you know the area where the person last lived, check out local media sources. Along with those online, look to newspapers and other such outlets. Your former co-worker may be active in their local community. As such, they may end up in the press on occasion. This would be another means of finding out if they still live locally even if you moved away a while back.

In tracking down former co-workers, be cautious with which personal info you divulge. This is information to others in trying to find someone.

You never want to give out your home address or phone number.

As you keep a safe neighborhood at home, do not give out your personal info to the point someone may be checking you out.

If you have some fond memories working with people and wonder where they got to, are you ready to begin your search?

How to Effectively Manage Your Staff at an Event

Arranging an event can be quite taxing and difficult, especially if you don’t take action properly. If you have difficulty in arranging an event, you might want to consider hiring a professional marketing and event management company such as Urban Fetes. Founded in 2011 by Shannon Waldron, the company has established itself as one of the leading marketing companies that specialize in event management. Managing the staff at an event is the most important if you want your event to go smoothly. Here are a few tips to help you manage your staff at an event.

Be proactive. “It is frequent that the subject of the personnel is left for the end, in such a way, that when they make a request, you often have no answer. Asking the staff more in advance gives us the possibility of forming good teams and ensuring the availability of the most suitable profiles for the client’s needs, “says Franco.

Make a detailed brief about the functions, schedules, services, attitude and image you are looking for, as well as about the characteristics of the event, the deadlines and the objectives to be followed. This will allow you to organize the most qualified personnel for each function, and be careful, avoid actions that may be outside the law. For example, if a client asks you for four assemblers but without detailing what kind of work they are going to do, and then they ask one of them to work at a height, without having the required courses, you have to reject it right away.

The good supervision of the teams is key to be informed in real time of unforeseen events and to be able to react as soon as possible in the case of having to take some action. There should always be a person responsible in each event that controls punctuality in arrivals and departures and the correct development of the service. In this sense, it’s also recommended that you include a staff coordinator in large events, which will allow you to concentrate on other things and optimize the capabilities of each worker.

Take advice from others. There are aspects such as schedules, transportation, shifts, etc. You can ask other professionals for advice in order to find out how you can optimize these areas of the event.

Keep in mind that the staff for the event will be the image of the company or the brand, so look for companies that guarantee a variety of professional profiles, not just anyone.

Check the qualification of the workers: licenses, driver’s license or machine handling, for example, food handling, etc.

In large events, where you will have to establish a hierarchy, make sure you will work together with very experienced staff who have management experience.

The safety of the attendees, but also of the workers is a priority, so you should foresee the possible contingencies and establish a protocol to minimize the impact with your company of human resources, in addition to making safety plans, requesting licenses, performing and overseeing technical projects, and develop environmental impact studies, among others. It is necessary to provide the personnel with the necessary means for their work and to comply with the regulations on the prevention of occupational risks.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Dinner Meetings

Not everyone knows how to make a business meeting fruitful. Especially when it comes to any business meeting turning into a lunch or a dinner, there are certain etiquettes for any business meeting to keep in mind. Talking and convincing is art. Not everyone is good at it. People with special skills to convince others to get the deal done while even socializing with them need some good tricks. To get a great deal done correctly, it requires a good development of understanding among both the parties. Both business potentials should have a clear idea of what they want and where they want their meeting end. Even usually when a family is gathered at the dining table, it’s the time when they discuss and talk about the plans, make decisions and discuss what to do or what steps should be taken.

Similarly, some business professionals also prefer a table to talk, discuss, plan and negotiate. Good relationship of trust and business links are formed easily than they could have established in that meeting room. It’s all about the convincing skills. It’s selling one way or the other. A person good enough in the sales department would know how it is and how a product or strategy is sold.

Meet Rylee Meek, author of “Food For Thought” How To Use Dinner Seminar Marketing to Grow Your Business In Ways You Never Thought Possible”, a Caucasian trainer, a speaker, a coach and an entrepreneur associated with industry of sales and marketing who has also been practicing NLP and TIME techniques who is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Like every other person having an insight of business world, Rylee believes on the thought that some meetings during meals should be taken way too seriously as they can either help you out or will turn their back towards you. Business meetings turning into meals fall under the same category to be taken seriously and make the most of them while planning them in such a way that the plan doesn’t fall apart. Treating your client or the opposite business party is very important. Your behavior towards the other party portrays a lot about your company and yourself. Also, it should not be forgotten that it along with the word lunch/dinner it has the word “official” attached to it or if not then it should be kept in mind that it is a lunch/dinner having a purpose, i.e. it is a business meeting lunch/dinner. It is not just a socializing gathering.

Social Dynamic Selling is Rylee’s project of which he is a CEO. Rylee started this venture to provide other people with the knowledge he has and the struggle he went through to become someone well reputed in the industry. Always wishing someone to be considered as a lighthouse in the stormy sea, Rylee hopes to guide the entrepreneurs while leading them with the right steps to success.

Rylee has not only been an author and an entrepreneur, but he also has some good qualities of skills which he can use to become an excellent mentor. Social Dynamic Selling specializes in a subtle form providing dinner seminar marketing techniques. During the initial days before delivering a well-prepared seminar, this strategy had to go through many errors and changes but when at the time of its delivering, it turned and became the most reliable dinner seminar marketing service in the industry working efficiently and effectively.

Best Skills to Learn When You Have Tons of Free Time

Most of us are carried away by the hustling bustling schedule of our daily lives which is swamped with major priorities that we hardly get some time to spare for other things. You may have a 9-hour work shift, two-hour long commute, and then all you are thinking about is getting in your pajamas only to binge your favorite series on Netflix. Life is pretty much the same for most of us and it can be increasingly difficult to do anything else in the world.

Weeks and days pass by, and you are craving for some free time in order to do something more in your life. While it is important that you utilize a break from the daily grind to relax and muster up your energy, you still may want to pursue all of your other interests which you have listed in your bucket list. It is important that you make a list of things which you want to learn in life. Having acquired a set of skills that are diverse in nature can benefit you in many ways. It could offer you an escape from the whole typical routine and it is actually pretty fascinating to know something many people would not normally know.

So, if you have some free time on your hands, here are the things you should learn:

Coding – In today’s digitally accelerated world, coding is in huge demand. It is an ever-green skill which would continue to pay off as long as the internet exists in the world. Coding is why Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook. It is also why many people have made successful freelance careers, forever escaping the nine to five capsule of work life. Coding can allow you to do a great number of things you could not imagine, like making a site, blog, software, mobile application, etc.

Artificial Intelligence – It may sound like acquiring expertise in AI is a far-fetched thing. But the parameters are exceeding the limits of college and thanks to the internet, you can learn AI from the comfort of your home. Sign up with School of AI as it offers full-fledged education for free! Led by Siraj Raval, who’s a pioneer in the field and is popularly known as a Data Scientist, Author, YouTubers, and AI expert from the United States. He has amassed over 500,000 followers on YouTube with his videos exceeding 11 million in views. His reach has extended from Elon Musk to Google. Siraj has also spoken at global platforms like CERN, the United Nations, and data science conferences in different parts of the world.

Making a perfect drink – James Bond in Casino Royale ordered a dry martini with 2 oz. of Gin, 1 oz. of Vodka, ½ oz. of Kina Lillet, shaken, with ice, and a thin slice of lemon peel. You can also mix different spirits and make your signature drink! Try it out and let your friends be amazed by your creative knowledge.

The Difference Between Managing Things and Managing People

Accountability, self-awareness and empathy are three of the key features any human being who is on a path of bettering themselves for those around him or her would develop within themselves. A person would undoubtedly rather be remembered as a man or woman with a personality that could dominate a crowd yet not be over bearing, someone who could control a room whilst also engaging with the crowd and allowing all the attendees to voice their opinion without fear of being rebuked.

These three skills are some of the key skills anyone in a leadership requires. It isn’t merely about having the loudest voice which turns heads, if you’re loud enough to come with a bang people will undoubtedly turn around to look where the commotion is coming from because that’s general conditioning. However, if you only hold power in the frequency of your voice and not the words that come out of your mouth, everyone will go back to doing what they were doing.

Our general perception of a boss or anyone in a leadership role is one where those working for him or her are generally fearful of them. This has to be one of the biggest drawbacks to productivity that any company can possibly face. The fear of being rebuked or demoted might be powerful enough to get your point across a room and have someone do something for you as hastily as you want. However, this instills nothing but resentment amongst the workforce. They shouldn’t fear you because you’ll fire them out of anger, they should want to avoid disappointing you because that would make them feel like they let you and themselves down.

If you’re at a meeting with your boss and a topic comes up where you have valuable insight to contribute and you want nothing more than to get your point across, yet you fail to do so due to shyness or fear, then your effectiveness is naturally cut in half.  A good leader is one who recognizes that you have some internal blockages that are getting in your way.  Your workplace may not be someplace where people just desire to clock in at nine and clock out at five.  Maybe people need their jobs for sustainability and they also want to do a good job. Both of these are true, you can’t ignore the fact that they’re underlying factors to actually having a job. However, your workplace has to be a safe zone where you feel like you can engage with your peers and more importantly your leader.

Lively Paradox is the brain child of Nicole Price. Nicole has been known and is renowned for her skills at engaging with a crowd to allow them to bring out the best in themselves. For Nicole, it isn’t merely about being a better leader for maximum productivity, it’s about creating a safe enough workplace for people to perform well. You have to bring about an innate sense of leadership within individuals and allow them to harness that skill into being better people to their employees. Nicole Price has since been nominated for various awards and has published numerous books on bringing out leadership skills.

10 Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Services for Your Firm

There is an unprecedented demand for outsourced accounting services among CPA firms today. Many of these firms acknowledge their relevance in cutting overhead and operational costs substantially. The cost savings, however, amount to just a tiny advantage for a service that can benefit and prove to be insurmountably lucrative in the long run.

Cost savings aside, outsourcing accounting services can have innumerable merits for the profitability of a firm.

Below are the 10 benefits that outsourcing accounting services can have on CPA firms.

Substantially Decreases Operational Costs

Many CPA firms decide to outsource their accounting services to save on operational costs. Hiring a freelancer expert results in firms paying only if and when the service is rendered and not otherwise.

Increasing Profit Margins

CPA firms can outsource low margin activities like undertaking data-intensive compliance functions, thus increasing profit margins.

Boosting Operational Efficiency

A typically cited benefit but potent nonetheless, outsourcing accounting services can result in smoother operational functions in a firm. CPA firms who are just starting and are yet to see some returns can hire accounting specialists who are better equipped with the software technology to carry out complex accounting services.

Competitive Advantage

Hiring outside help pertains to hiring someone who is far more proficient and capable of handling the accounting service required. Thus, hiring such talent inadvertently increases the value of the services you provide to your customers. This dramatically gives you an effective advantage over your competitors.

Risk Sharing

Outsourcing accounting services can prove to be a very smart strategy resulting in decimating a firm’s risks. Risks associated with a particular project is shared between the firm and the outsourced accounting specialist.

Time Effective

It’s fascinating to learn how much time is spent in an organization doing things that ultimately proves to be unproductive. Outsourcing specific talent for specific services can save management a lot of time in recruitment and selection. This time can be better utilized in other productive activities like relationship management and client servicing.

Being Flexible With The Workforce

Perhaps the most underrated advantage of outsourcing would be the flexibility it provides the management in dealing with outsourced talent. Unlike permanent placements, firms have the option of experimenting with different skills available in the market. They can choose to carry on with the current outsourced expert or opt for another one depending on their satisfaction.

Working With The Best Talent

Outsourcing allows firms to work with a plethora of talented, proficient accountants playing in the market. With the help of a few minutes of internet research, a firm can scrounge for some of the best minds in the business today. Getting your hands on such talent can dramatically improve your standing in the industry.

Dealing With The Legal System

Most outsource accounting service are well equipped with the tools and resources required in dealing with legal bodies like the IRS and US GAAP. As they handle the legislative aspects of the business, you can concentrate on the more pressing issues of your firm.

Challenging Big Firms

Outsourcing accounting services by smaller and medium CPA firms can drastically change their standing in the market. Having a well-fueled accounting service delivering the best services to your customers can help you go toe to toe with many big firms in the industry and maybe even outdo them one day.

Outsourcing accounting services have been proven to be a lucrative undertaking for many CPA firms struggling to succeed in a competitive industry. The benefits listed should be enough reasons for you also to consider outsourcing your accounting services to a reputed expert in the field.